Marketing & Communications Network

Emily Grise

Emily Grise

Marketing and Communications Coordinator
College of Arts & Sciences
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Office: 314-246-7160

Joijcelyn Hoost

Marketing Manager
Leiden Campus
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Nicolas Iselin

Director of Marketing
Geneva Campus
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Rick Forestel

Senior Director
Webster China
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Niel DeVasto

Sports Information Coordinator
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Office: 314-968-6989

Carina Engstroem

Director of Marketing
Vienna Campus
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John J. Ginsburg, J.D.

Director, Student Affairs 
Ghana Campus 
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Ken Wichert

Director of Marketing and Enrollment 
Ghana Campus
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Oliver Skatar

Marketing & Communications Manager
Thailand Campus
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DeLyle Bowen

Communications Coordinator
Academic Affairs
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Office: 314-968-7476

Gina Tarte

Director of Communications
George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology 
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Office: 314-246-5979