Brand Platform

Our Mission

Webster University, a worldwide institution, ensures high-quality learning experiences that transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence.

Our Position

Webster University, founded in 1915 with its home campus based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, is the only Tier 1, private, nonprofit university with campus locations around the world including metropolitan, military, online and corporate, as well as American-style traditional campuses in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Our Personality

We attract diverse, interesting and accomplished students, faculty and staff who thrive in and contribute to the premier global network for learning. Our students, faculty and staff are locally committed, while taking full advantage of the opportunities afforded them by their global colleagues.

Our faculty, staff and graduates are equipped to work well with people of all cultures and be successful in their chosen careers anywhere in the world.

Our Attributes

  • Our programs reflect global academic excellence and are purposefully structured to help students succeed in their lives and in their careers.
  • Our inviting global campus environment attracts students from diverse cultures, ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, and instills in them a respect for diversity and an understanding of their own and others' values.
  • Our distinguished faculty have the right balance of global scholarship and professional experience to bring first-class, real-world knowledge to their classrooms.
  • Our small, highly interactive classes encourage innovation, collaboration and self-expression.
  • Our faculty and staff at each campus location have strong local and international connections and provide unparalleled personal service to our students.
  • Our students, faculty and staff have exceptional opportunities to connect with people from around the world.
  • Our more than 163,000 alumni form an elite global network of accomplished and connected citizens, equipped to advance their current careers, start a new career or expand their business to new markets.

Our Distinctive Characteristics

Webster University – St. Louis

Webster University – St. Louis is an exciting and vibrant residential campus that serves as an international hub where faculty, students, alumni and influential people come together, creating an environment of knowledge, ideas and creativity.

Webster University – Global

Students have access to classes taught in English by Webster University faculty from across the world resulting in a Webster University degree. Webster University, with campuses in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa has been recognized as a leader in international education for more than 30 years and our global orientation dates back to the early 1900s.

Webster University – Military

Webster University and the U.S. Department of Defense have worked together for 40 years to provide high-quality and cost-effective graduate programs at military installations and other locations throughout the country. Our distinguished alumni include more than 200 active duty and retired generals and admirals, including several at the Pentagon and Joint Chiefs of Staff and thousands of military personnel as well as retired military. Webster University enriches lives and creates opportunities for purposeful careers.

Webster University – Metro

Webster University's Metropolitan campuses offer convenient and flexible class scheduling for busy adult students, allowing them to balance transitional education with work and family. We provide multiple campus locations and online courses to enrich lives and create opportunities for purposeful careers.

Webster University – Online

Webster University's WorldClassRoom affords access to the same highquality faculty who teach in our traditional classrooms from anywhere in the world. In addition, Webster's WorldClassRoom enables instructors to enhance traditional, face-to-face courses with a place to host online discussions, blogs, journals—an initiative to complement—not compete with—Webster's traditional classroom offerings.