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What We Do

Cross-unit Collaboration for Enrollment Success

Shared Responsibilities for successfully enrolling students help to ensure that units work together in order to achieve enrollment goals for the university. The activities below represent the role that GMC plays in the recruiting and enrollment process. 

This Is What We Do

  • Build awareness of Webster University overall
  • Build awareness of Colleges/Schools/Locations
  • Planning and placing media for all locations with designated media buys
  • Brand stewardship for all locations and online
  • Drive inquiries to programs and locations
  • Institutional advertising to build brand and drive inquiries
  • Institutional events support with photography/media
  • University and college/school-specific public/media relations support
  • Institutional social media
  • Internal communications: engaging employees to be brand ambassadors for Webster
  • Competitive and marketplace data for the institution as a whole
  • Highest-level marketing research to ensure we are building awareness