Video Tutorials (for OU Campus) | Webster University

Video Tutorials (for OU Campus)

These are very short, no-audio tutorial videos

Basic Functions

  1. Logging in via the OU Campus URL.
  2. Logging in to a page the user has permission to edit.
  3. Logging in to a page the user does not have permission to edit (but can still enter the system).
  4. Creating a new folder.
  5. Adding a banner to a web page (existing banner spif).
  6. Using "Save As" to clone an existing web page (faculty bio). [ Another example ]
  7. Editing a page header and title in Properties>Parameters.
  8. Linking to another page within the main public website.
  9. Linking to an existing document (PDF syllabus at Greenvile campus).
  10. Linking an email address. [another example]
  11. Adding a "Blue Button."
  12. Editing a "SPIF."
  13. Recycling (deleting) a document.

Tables (Schedules)

  1. Adding a line to a schedule table and linking a course to a syllabus pdf.
  2. Adding rows to a table.
  3. Setting table colors (to alternate blue and yellow) in a schedule table. [another example]
  4. Selecting a table from the Snippet menu and removing the header tags.
  5. Change the Class of an existing table (to change the color scheme). [ NOTE: Doing this might have unforeseen style consequences ]
  6. Changing the first row in a table to a header row.
  7. Copying a whole table from one place and pasting it to another.
  8. Placing link on schedule page (Luke AFB used in example)

Uploading Files

  1. Overwriting an existing document. [ another example ]
  2. Uploading a syllabus.
  3. Uploading a document (pdf). [ another example ]


  1. Wrapping an image around text, putting in horizontal space on right side.
  2. Uploading and selecting image for Constant Contact email.


  1. Deleting an item from the Sidenav (side navigation). Some sidenavs will be inaccessible.