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Graduate Council | Webster University

Graduate Council


The Graduate Council is made up of faculty and supporting non-voting administrators who meet throughout the year. The complete description of the duties and responsibilities can be found in the University Handbook. High level functions of the Graduate Council include:

  • Approval of new courses, new programs, other curriculum changes, and individualized areas of concentration.
  • Review, evaluation, and recommendations concerning academic standards, graduation requirements, the academic calendar, and any other factors related to graduate curriculum of the University.
  • Review and approval of academic policies related to the graduate programs.
  • Establishing written guidelines for the review of appeals from students who have been dismissed.


All proposals should be submitted to Michele Boesch, Coordinator, in Academic Affairs at  Catalogs are annually published on April 1 in draft format followed by the hard publication of June 1. Deadlines for proposals are set annually and communicated to the Deans of each College and School.

The early submittal of proposals is strongly encouraged to allow maximum time for review.  It should be noted all proposals will be reviewed for consistency and catalog structure and standards by Kara Carline, Catalog Coordinator, prior to being presented to Graduate Council.

Proposal Forms

All proposal forms are being updated over Summer 2020.  An announcement will be made via Webster Today when the new proposal forms are available.  Old proposal forms will not be accepted by the committee.