Gread Lakes Naval Base Fall 1 2014 Schedule

August 18–October 17, 2014

Course Sec Title Instructor Time
BUSN 5200 LG Basic Finance for Managers T. Carlson  6–10 pm
6000 LG Integrated Studies J. Rybowiak   6–10 pm
HRDV 5000 LG Intro to Human Resources Development L. Erickson   6–10 pm
HRDV 5610 LG Training and Development M. Malayter   6–10 pm
FINC 5880 LG Advanced Corporate Finance S. Pill   6–10 pm
BUSN 5600 LG Accounting Theory and Practice N. Bercovitz   6–10 pm
BUSN 6080 LG Business Information Systems J. Merritt   6–10 pm