Greenville: Faculty

School of Business and Technology

(Business Administration, Health Administration, HR Development/Management, Management and Leadership; Management)

Andrea Abercrombie, M.S.W., University of South Carolina, 1994,  Social Work

Michael Brown, M.S., Southern Wesleyan University, 2004, Management

Signe Cann, M.Acct., University of South Carolina, 1980, Accountancy

William R. Cann, M.Acct., University of South Carolina, 1974, Accountancy

Miriam Dicks, M.H.A., University of South Carolina, 2005, Health Administration

Mark A. Fields, M.B.A., University of South Carolina, 1978, Business Administration

Patricia Freeman, Ph.D., North Carolina State University, 1997, Adult and Community College 

Carisa Brown Graham, M.A., Webster University, 2008, Human Resource Development

Rolf Hemmerling, M.A., Roosevelt University, 1973, Business

Donald G. Karns, M.A., Southern Wesleyan University, 1994, Organizational Management

Jon Rogers, Ph.D., LaSalle University, 1994, Financial Management

Edward Sherbert, Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University, 2001, Human Resources Management

Timothy Terrell, Ph.D., Auburn University, 1998, Economics

William O. Tripp, M.A., Clemson University, 1999, Human Resources Development

Michael White, Ed.D., Bob Jones University, 1998, Educational Administration



The College of Arts and Sciences

(Counseling; Psychology)

Jennifer Boyer, M.A., Argosy University, 2013, Counseling Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy

Michelle Brown, M.A., Webster University, 2009, Marriage and Family Counseling

Kathryn Chamlee, M.Div., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1981, Pastoral Care and Ethics

Darryl Crabtree, Ph.D., Newburgh Theological Seminary, 2012, Christian Counseling 

Tanesha Jones-Boyd , M.A., South Carolina State University, 2007, Rehabilitation Counseling

Don Keller, Ed.D.,Indiana University, 1974, Educational Psychology

Mary Jo McInerny, M.A., Rollins College, 1984, Counseling

Robert C. Nelson, Psy.D., United States International University, 2000, Clinical Psychology

Kristi Padgett, M.Ed., Clemson University, 1999, Counseling and Guidance Services

Christie Rogers-Larke, Ed.D., University of Sarasota/Argosy University, 2006, Counseling Psychology

Debra Shipman, M.A., Webster University, 2003, Counseling

Allison Wallace, M.S., Clemson University, 2012, Applied Psychology



 General Electives/General Education

Serenthia Gartrell, M.F.A., Clemson University, 2006, Digital Production Arts (Interdisciplinary Studies - Computer Science/Graphic Arts)

Jutia Merriweather, M.A., American Public University, 2014, Public Administration

Karin Seagraves, M.A., Universidad de Salamanca, 2009, Spanish Language and Culture