Graduate Spring II 2014

March 17, 2014 - May 16, 2014 

Course Sec Title Instructor
BUSN 6110 54 Operations & Project Management Fields
COUN 5200 54 Theories of Counseling Colistra
COUN 5230 54 Psychodiagnostics Keller
COUN 5580 54 Human Sexuality & Sexual Counseling Chamlee
HRDV 5750 54 Research & Assessment Methods Sherbert
BUSN 5200 54 Basic Finance for Managers White
COUN 5600 54 Techniques of Group Counseling Keller
COUN 5800 54 Prof. Orientation & Ethical Practice Padgett
HRDV 5610 54 Training & Development Tripp
HRMG 5000 54 Managing Human Resources Karns
BUSN 5620 54 Current Economic Analysis Terrell
COUN 6500 GG Internship (1.5 Credit) Varnadore
COUN 6500 GN Internship (3.0 Credit) CLOSED Varnadore
COUN 6500 GI Internship (3.0 Credit) CLOSED McInerny
COUN 6500 GL Integrated (1.5 Credit) McInerny
HRDV/HRMG/MNGT 6000 GR Integrated Studies Henderson
COUN 5220 54 Assessment Rogers-Larke
COUN 5850 54 Research and Program Evaluation Nelson
MNGT 5590 54 Organizational Behavior Karns

Unforeseen events, on occasion, may result in changes to the published schedule
All evening classes meet from 5:45–10:00 pm
Office hours: 8:30 am–6 pm Monday–Thursday

Split Classes

If enrollment in a class exceeds 25 students, that class may be split into two classes This is at the discretion of the Greenville Metro Campus Director. The split will be made with 55% of students remaining in the original section and 45% being placed in the new section. This percentage breakdown allows the new section the flexibility to accommodate additional enrollments. Student placement in a section will be determined by date of registration. Students with earlier registration dates remain in the original section, while students with later dates will be placed in the new section.

The original class will be CLOSED on the day that the class is split.