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Capstone Strategic Management Simulation for BUSN 6200

The Capstone Simulation is a required component of BUSN 6200 at Webster University, School of Business and Technology. This requirement is to ensure that all Webster University MBA students have a common, high quality integrative experience in their last term of their program of studies. Additionally, requiring this simulation across all Webster sites is part of the Dean's consistency and quality initiative.

What is Capstone?

Capstone is a dynamic business simulation that runs the entire nine weeks of the course. This web-based simulation, located, brings together all of the primary functions of business (i.e., production, forecasting, marketing, pricing, finance, human resources and labor negotiations, distribution, trend analysis) and combines it within a competitive framework that teaches strategic thinking, and strategy as competitive movement and countermovement.

How Does Capstone Work?

Students are assigned into teams. Each week the teams are required to submit (upload) a set of strategic decisions on products, R&D, plant capacity and production, pricing, etc. The instructor processes the round, and then students review the results (i.e., market share, ROA, ROE, bond ratings, income statement, balance sheet, market segment data). Based on the outcome, the next decisions are crafted and the process repeats itself.

What Does Capstone Teach?

Capstone provides students with a dynamic competitive situation where they are required to respond to changes in market conditions in order to remain competitive. This helps teach business judgment, which is the single most difficult thing to teach in a classroom. The simulation forces students to come to grips with conflicting forces and tradeoffs faced by business leaders, and asks them to draw from their entire MBA learning experience to deal with the changing simulated business conditions. Finally, the simulation demonstrates competitive dynamics at work, and allows students to experience the movement and countermovement of strategy.

Are Webster MBAs Successful with the Simulation?

The simulation has been used in St. Louis for three years. Webster MBAs have been remarkably successful in the Capstone Simulation. Each week, on the website, is a Top Ten list which ranks performance for all teams using Capstone from universities throughout the country and world. Webster teams have frequently ranked in the Top Ten, even when the competition has been as high as 2,200+ teams worldwide. On occasion, Webster teams have taken both the #1and #2 slots in the Top Ten list. In short, our MBA students are very competitive and have been quite successful in applying their MBA learning to the Capstone Simulation.

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