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Meet Your RA

West Hall - 2018/2019 Staff

 Grant CrockerWest 1 South:
Grant Crocker
Emily Brooks
West 2 North:
Emily Brooks

West 2 South:
Sama Rammaha
Emily JaeckleWest 3 North:
Emily Jaeckle
Travis Haughton
West 3 South:
Travis Haughton
Kassidy Davis
West 4 North: 
Kassidy Davis
Christine Ordono
West 4 South:
Christine Ordono

Maria Hall - 2018/2019 Staff

 Cheyenne Parker
Maria 1: 
Cheyenne Parker
Abigail Karst
Maria 2:
Abigail Karst

Austin NationMaria 3:
Austin Nation
Dana RueMaria 4: 
Dana Rue

East Hall - 2018/2019 Staff

Staci JohnsEast 1:
Staci Johns
Ansley Juan
East 2:
Ansley Juan
 Makayla Hufziger
East 3:
Makayla Hufziger
Chester Bacon
East 4:
Chester Bacon


Webster Village Apartments - 2018/2019 Staff


Josiah Gunderson
 Lian Gallyoun
WVA 2:
Liana Gallyoun-Arroyo
Nicholas Fuhrmann
WVA 3:
Nicholas Fuhrmann
Katlyn Clark

WVA 4: 
Katlyn Clark
Janel Bond
WVA 5:
Janel Bond
John Wallis
WVA 6:
John Wallis


 Grant Crocker- West 1 South

Year: Junior
Hometown: Farmington, MO
Major: Scriptwriting
Campus Involvement: Residential Life
Hobbies/Interests: I love playing basketball, soccer, and any sport! Hanging out with friends, going to the movies, and watching T.V. shows are some of my favorite ways to pass the time
Favorite Things: Friends, TV shows, and food!
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Song/Artist: "Let You Be Right"- Meghan Trainor
Favorite thing to do in Saint Louis: Go to the Zoo!
Best Thing About Webster: The open community that accepts everyone no matter your background
Advice for Residents: Do what you know will make you happy. If you don't want to get too involved, don't. If you do, then do! This is your freshman year and happiness is the key to having a great year, so have one!

 Sama Rammaha- West 2 South

Year: Senior
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Major: Business Management
Campus Involvement: Secretary in the Student Government Association, Webster Works Volunteer, Work-Study student worker at User Support Services Department
Hobbies/Interests: I love helping others, but when I’m not, you would find me working on cars/motorcycles, riding horses, or hiking. I also love going out to comedy shows and concerts just as much as I love to try new things and meeting new people. 
Favorite Things: People, animals, movies, comedy shows, hikes, food, and cars.
Favorite Food: French Fries
Favorite Song/Artist: "Reborn" - Kid Cudi Ft. Kanye West
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Attend concerts, Cardinals or Blues games, and live shows as well as enjoy the nightlife.
Best Thing About Webster: The vibe and community! The diversity and unity in Webster University is definitely one of, if not, the greatest trait about Webster as a whole. I love how the Webster Groves community is so actively supportive and caring towards us, Gorloks.
Advice for Residents: “You are free to make whatever choice you want, but you are not free from the consequences of the choice.” Have fun, make memories, but stay focused!

 Emily Brooks- West 2 North

Year: Junior
Hometown: Warrenton, MO
Major: Management with an emphasis in Human Resources Management
Campus Involvement: Student Assistant at Career Planning & Development, Member of Dining Advisory Board
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, video games, binge-watching Netflix
Favorite Things: My dog Sheldon, The show "A Series of Unfortunate Events", John Green
Favorite Food: Filet Steak
Favorite Artist: Panic! At the Disco
Favorite thing to do in Saint Louis: Going to the Zoo (it's free!)
Best Thing About Webster: Our diverse and accepting community
Advice for Residents: Go to the events around campus. It usually has free food and there is always a friendly face to talk to

 Travis Haughton- West 3 South

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Major: Film & Video Production with a Minor in Scriptwriting; Certificate in Entrepreneurship
Campus Involvement: Residential Housing Association
Hobbies/Interest: Photography, Scriptwriting, Volunteering, Traveling, Acting
Favorite things:
Favorite Food: Pizza, fried rice, barbecue wings
Favorite Song/Artist: The Weekend
Favorite Thing To Do in St. Louis: My favorite thing to do in St. Louis is going to the St. Louis Galleria and Flying Spider
Best Thing About Webster: The best thing about Webster are the resources, diversity, events, involvement clubs, and the staff. 
Advice For Residents: Don't procrastinate. Ask for help if you need it because there are plenty of resources on campus. Think positive, be positive, and stay positive because your hard work will make it happen. 

Cheyenne Parker - West 3 North

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Ellisville, MO
Major: English with an emphasis in Creative Writing; Minor in Political Science
Campus Involvement: Association for African American Collegiates, Secretary for the African American Women's Society, Desk Attendant in the Academic Resource Center
Hobbies/Interests:  Painting, listening to music, yoga, writing poetry
Favorite Things: Chocolate & clothes
Favorite song/artist: "Get Low" by Ying Yang Twins & Lil John
Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Go on picnics with my friends on art hill in Forest Park
Best Thing About Webster: The classrooms are small and allow the students to form a deeper and more personal connection with their professors
Advice for Residents: Always stay true to yourself and remember, if it stresses you out, it may not be worth the energy 

  Christine Ordono - West 4 South

Year: Junior
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Major: Management with an emphasis in Human Resources
Campus Involvement: Uber Ultimate Underground Frisbee League
Hobbies/Interests: Netflix, longboarding, playing the ukulele
Favorite Things: My godson, my family, baby seals
Favorite Food: Alfredo pasta, sushi
Favorite Song/Artist: Chance the Rapper
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Going to the zoo and mall
Best Thing About Webster: Small campus (it makes walking to class easier)
Advice for Residents: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't  take - Wayne Gretzky" - Michael Scott

Kassidy Davis - West 4 North

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Chamois, MO
Major: Photography
Campus Involvement: Improv, Knitting Club, LASO Member
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Making Friends, Spanish
Favorite Things: Food, Good Books, and Hot Chocolate
Favorite Food: Anything Mexican (real Gorditas are AMAZING)
Favorite Song/Artist: I listen to everything, but I would say anything Avenged Sevenfold is good!
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Go Downtown!
Best Thing About Webster: The student body is amazing, and there is always so much to do!
Advice for Residents: GET ACTIVE

Emily Jaeckle- Maria 1

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Defiance, MO 
Major: Public Relations
Campus Involvement: Audio Engineering Society, PRSSA
Hobbies/Interests: I love all kinds of music. I love creating it, listening to it as well as talking about it. I also love marathons (not the Netflix kind!)
Favorite Things: A long run, a rainy day, Reese's Pieces, and a good movie
Favorite Food: Pad Thai
Favorite Song/Artist: My tastes are constantly changing, and I love so many different genres. One band that I will always go back to is The Clash
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Jazz at the Bistro
Best Thing About Webster: The small class size. It makes it easy to connect with the professors
Advice for Residents: Get into a group of friends that will help you make good choices and help you be the best version of yourself. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions!

Abigail Karst- Maria 2

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Farmington, MO
Major: Mathematics
Campus Involvement: I am a member of the Residential Housing Association and the Great Outdoors Hiking Club. Also, I work at the fitness center
Hobbies/Interests:  I love to read, go to the movies, travel, make crafts, and I'm starting to try out photography
Favorite Things: My dog, big fluffy blankets, beaches, and Jurassic Park
Favorite Food: It's a tie between cake and nachos
Favorite Song/Artist: "Talk Dirty"- Jason Derulo
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Go to Grant's Farm or the Science Center
Best Thing About Webster: The large selection of clubs/activities and the study abroad program
Advice for Residents: Get a planner to help keep track of everything, and don't stretch yourself too thin. Meet new people and put yourself out there!

Austin Nation- Maria 3

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Pauls Valley, OK
Major: Accounting
Campus Involvement: Basketball, tennis, Encounter Campus Ministry
Hobbies/Interests: Basketball, tennis, table tennis, penny stocks, and Fortnite
Favorite Things: Family and accomplishing things
Favorite Food: Fried okra
Favorite Song/Artist: "Japan"-Famous Dex
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Go to a Cardinals game
Best Thing About Webster: It is easy to be comfortable here

Advice for ResidentsStay ahead and get to know people

Dana Rue- Maria 4

Year: Junior
Hometown: O'Fallon, MO
Major: Early Childhood & Elementary Education
Campus Involvement: SEA
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, singing, dancing, coloring
Favorite Things: Sparkling Welches, apple juice, Game of Thrones, Steven Universe, Bobs' Burgers, Disney
Favorite Song/Artist:  "I Am"- Jorja Smith
Favorite Food: Chocolate, burritos, potatoes, bread (like Oprah)
Favorite Thing To Do in St. Louis: Visit Forest Park or eat Imo's Pizza
Best Thing About Webster: People are super friendly
Advice For Resident: Get involved! It's fun!

Staci Johns - East 1

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Affton, MO
Major: International Studies with a Minor in Japanese
Campus Involvement: SA 2018
Hobbies/Interest: Reading, art (prints), & anime
Favorite things: Long car rides with the windows down. Museums, the ocean, and memes
Favorite Food: Pineapple pizza
Favorite Song/Artist: Ronnie Radke
Favorite Thing To Do in St. Louis: Zoo & Art Museum
Best Thing About Webster: Professors & Staff
Advice For Residents: What will be, will be, but always have a plan B

Ansley Juan- East 2

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Indian Trail, NC
Major: Wig & Make-up Design
Campus Involvement: The Conservatory 
Hobbies/Interests: Walking, knitting, shopping, reading
Favorite Things: Hair & Skin products; Vines
Favorite Food: Eggs
Favorite Song/Artist: Undecided
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Going to the Loop
Best Thing About Webster: Dana
Advice for Residents: Learn where everything is on campus as early as possible so you are more comfortable around campus. 

Makayla Hufziger- East 3

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Hamilton, OH
Major: Film, Television, and Video Production
Campus Involvement: Idea Tree Media and student film sets
Hobbies/Interests: Filmmaking 
Favorite Things: Fall, movies, and an orchestra tuning up
Favorite Song/Artist: "Greek Tragedy"- The Wombats
Favorite Thing To Do in St. Louis: Visit the Loop
Best Thing About Webster: Free Adobe software
Advice For Residents: If you aren't getting along with your roommate or suite mates, make sure to speak up. 

 Chester Bacon - East 4

Year: Senior
Hometown: Florissant, MO
Major: Game Design & Sociology
Campus Involvement: President of the International Game Developer's Association 
Hobbies/Interests: Playing music, listening to music, video games, YouTube, sleeping
Favorite Things: The smell of rain in the air, having the ability to binge watch things, my PlayStation 4, good smelling wax
Favorite Food: Taco Bell
Favorite Song/Artist: "Fast Car"- Tracy Chapman
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: The Saint Louis Zoo is my favorite place in the entire world!
Best Thing About Webster: The sense of community
Advice for Residents: Don't ever be afraid to ask for help

 Josiah Gunderson - WVA Building 1

Year: Senior
Hometown: Olympia, WA
Major: Dance/Modern Emphasis
Campus Involvement: Dance Club
Hobbies/Interests: Dance, music, food, travel, reading, writing, and exploring
Favorite Things: The things that make me consider new ways
Favorite Food: Thai or Mexican 
Favorite Song/Artist: Too many to choose
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Explore the food and the art scene of this city
Best Thing about Webster: The people
Advice for Residents: Never stop exploring through your own experiences and the experiences shared with those around you

 Liana Gallyoun-Arroyo- WVA Building 2

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Major: Advertising & Marketing Communications
Campus Involvement: Wind Ensemble, The Great Outdoors Hiking Club
Hobbies/Interest: Playing French horn, drinking iced coffee, and riding bikes when the weather is nice
Favorite Things: My family, sweet tea, thunderstorms, and Vine compilations
Favorite Food: Anything my mom cooks
Favorite Song/Artist: "Sober"- Lorde
Favorite Thing To Do in St. Louis: Late night Ted Drewes and Steak n' Shake runs
Best Thing About Webster: The people. I came to Webster from far away, and I found a home in the people around me. Everyone was very welcoming, and I love that fact that almost every time I am out on campus, I see at least one person I know, if not more
Advice For Residents: Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. There are so many opportunities through Campus Activities and your classes. You definitely don't want to let being in the new environment keep you from doing as much as possible

  Nicholas Fuhrmann- WVA Building 3

Year: Senior
Hometown: Saint Charles, MO
Major: English Literature & Game Design
Campus Involvement: VP of Syzygy Studios, Editor for the Green Fuse, writing coach in the ARC
Favorite Things: Designing anything that comes to mind, Dungeons & Dragons, and learning new instruments
Favorite Song/Artist: Prism-Lindsay Stirling
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Eat at Imo's & watch Cardinals games with any family
Best Thing About Webster: The passion and dedication of my professors at Pearson House & Sverdrup
Advice for Residents: Get started on work early and you'll never be stressed about classes. Also, don't wear red and white striped shirts because someone will most definitely call you Waldo.

   Katlyn Clark- WVA Building 4

Year: Senior
Major: Speech Communications
Campus Involvement: The Forensics Team
Hobbies/Interests: Hiking, reading, and volunteering
Favorite Things: Road trips
Favorite Food: Taco
Favorite Song/Artist: Too many to list!
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Visit Forest Park
Best Thing About Webster: The sense of community and belonging. All are welcome at Webster!
Advice for Residents: Get involved! Join clubs and try new things

 Janel Bond - WVA Building 5

Year: Junior
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Major: Sports Communication
Campus Involvement: Women's soccer manager, Galaxy Radio
Hobbies/Interest: Soccer & Baking
Favorite things: Taking naps & watching reality TV
Favorite Food: Chipotle bowl with cherry Sprite
Favorite Song/Artist: Justin Timberlake or The Chainsmokers, "Morning"- Marc E. Bassy
Favorite Thing To Do in St. Louis: Go to the Half Price Bookstore
Best Thing About Webster: The people
Advice For Residents: Be social with other residents

John Wallis- WVA Building 6

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Neosho, MO
Major: Secondary Education; Minor in History, Speech/Communications & Theatre
Campus Involvement: President for College Democrats, VP for Forensics and Debate Team, Treasurer for Speech and Debate Club, Student Ambassador
Hobbies/Interests: Harry Potter, any music, and reading
Favorite Things: Pizza, Parks & Rec, the Office, Golden Girls
Favorite Food: Pizza & Chinese food
Favorite Song/Artist: Mama Mia
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: The Zoo
Best Thing About Webster: The community that we are
Advice for Residents: To work hard, balance your time, stay caught up, and be involved. Make friends and memories that will last a lifetime