Meet Your RA

West Hall - 2016/2017 Staff

West 1 South
Robert Richardson
West 2 North:
Caroline Patterson
West 2 South:

Josiah Gundersen
West 3 North
Kirby Weber
West 3 South:  
Hannah McFarland
issac knopf
West 4 North
Isaac Knopf
andrew wagner
West 4 South:
Andrew Wagner

Maria Hall - 2016/2017 Staff

Maria 1:
Taylor Nanney
Maria 2:
Harrison King
Maria 3:
Shaniquel Reece
FreddyMaria 4: 
Freddie Rice

East Hall - 2016/2017 Staff

East 1:
Emmilyn Murphy
East 2:
Zohra Coday
East 3:
Zoe Burton
East 4:
Brennen Almus


Webster Village Apartments - 2016/2017 Staff

Kat Weiss
WVA 2:
Olivia Fitzgerald
WVA 3:
Jared Campbell
WVA 4:

Caitlyn Vanover
WVA 5:
David Malone
WVA 6:
Nahla Fekry


Robert Richardson- West 1 South

Year: Junior
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Major: Advertising and Marketing Communications
Campus Involvement: I was Vice President of the Association of African American Collegian. I was apart of Alliance (LGBT) helping with the Drag Ball of 2015 and 2016. I was a member of Opera Scenes Company here on campus for two seasons. I will be President of the Gospel Choir this coming Fall Semester in 2016.
Hobbies/Interest: I love to cook and entertain, directing choirs is my passion, I love music, and I see myself as an eclectic because I love all kinds of music.
Favorite things: I love a good church choir singing good church music.
Favorite TV Show: Once Upon A Time, SMASH, Love and Hip Hop ATL
Favorite Food: I never met a cheese steak I didn't like!
Favorite Song/Artist: Leontyne Prince, Erykah Badu, Rachelle Ferrell, and Jill Scott.
Favorite Thing To Do in St. Louis: I can always go for a day in Forest Park.
Best Thing About Webster: The ability to travel abroad!
Advice For Residents: Strike the iron while it's hot. College is a place to explore and learn about yourself and the world. Take all you can get while you are here and young.

Josiah Gundersen- West 2 South

Year: Sophomore  
Hometown: Olympia, WA
Major: Dance - Modern Emphasis
Campus Involvement: Dance Club, Residential Housing Association (RHA)
Hobbies/Interest: Dance, Music, Poetry - Really anything that's art related!
Favorite Things:  Things of substance.
Favorite TV Shows: None
Favorite Food: Mexican and Chinese foods!
Favorite Song/Artist: Too many to choose. As a dance major, I love various kinds of music.
Favorite Thing To Do in St. Louis: Visit local coffee shops around the city, grab something to drink, and brainstorm about life.
Best Thing About Webster: It's inclusive behavior, inviting each individual to get involved in the specific area which they are passionate about.
Advice For Residents: Push yourself into all of the areas that you have been curious about but never before ventured into!

Caroline Patterson- West 2 North

Year: Senior
Hometown: Park Hills, MO
Major: Biology
Campus Involvement: Webster Quidditch
Hobbies/Interests: Conversations, travel, hunting, reading books, and binge watching Netflix.
Favorite Things: Taking a shower, putting on a big comfy t-shirt, and climbing into fresh clean sheets is honestly the best feeling ever.
Favorite Food: Smoked Salmon
Favorite TV Show:  BBC Sherlock
Favorite Song/Artist: Panic Station by Muse
Favorite thing to do in Saint Louis: The Zoo
Best Thing About Webster: Having an outlet for all your interests
Advice for Residents: Never underestimate the power of networking.

Hannah McFarland- West 3 South

Year: Senior
Hometown: Saint Louis, MO
Major: Media Communications with a concentration in Public Relations
Campus Involvement: RHA, Latent Image Photo Club, Webster LEADS.
Hobbies/Interests: I like Art so much I have a minor in it.
Favorite Things: I love to watch movies. (Comedies are my favorite)
Favorite Food: Any kind of pasta except lasagna.
Favorite Song/Artist: I don't know it always changes. I do like to listen to film scores while I study.
Favorite TV Shows: Psych, Once Upon A Time, New Girl
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: I love going to the Zoo, and the Muny.
Best Thing About Webster: I love that Webster is a small campus, and if I need to run from one side to the other for class I can still make it on time.
Advice for Residents: If you need help or have a question just ask. Everyone here wants to help you.

Kirby Weber- West 3 North

Year: Junior  
Hometown: Mexico, MO 
Major: Games and Game Design
Campus Involvement: Forensics and Debate Team, Chainlink Improv, Video Game Club, Humans vs. Zombies, and UUUUFL.  
Hobbies/Interests: Video Games, Taking Up Space, Frisbee, Randomness
Favorite TV Shows: Futurama
Favorite song/artist: Dream On by Aerosmith
Favorite Food: Corn
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Humans vs. Zombies
Best Thing About Webster: The great community of people that are willing to help you succeed.
Advice for Residents: Get to know you RA. They can help you a lot because they often know a lot about what is going on or at least know someone, who knows a guy, who knows someone else who can help you. Also don't break my stuff...
Year: Senior
Hometown: Columbia, SC  
Major: Sociology  
Campus Involvement: LQBTQ Alliance, BASS Club
Hobbies/Interests: I'm really interested in the intersection of justice and religion. I love traveling and writing! Soccer, Activism, Pro- Feminist Stuff, and swimming are all really great!
Favorite Things: The Ocean, Thunderstorms, Autumn, and New Friendships.
Favorite Food: Pizza 
Favorite Song/Artist: Penny and Sparrow  
Favorite TV Shows: Bob's Burgers
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: All the free stuff! Forest Park! The Zoo! The Art Museum! Eating downtown in cool little restaurants.
Best Thing About Webster: The freedom of self- expression is really inspiring! The faculty and staff are very friendly and great at 1 on 1 interactions. There's almost always free food somewhere on campus! Free (or discounted) Conservatory plays are awesome!

Advice for Residents: Come to events! Join clubs! Talk to people on your floor! Get connected as soon as you can! Find your flow and learn how to balance academics, social life, and work! Success will come the more you learn how to balance college life! Invest in campus and friends!

Isaac Knopf- West 4 North

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Major: Film, Television, and Video Production
Campus Involvement: Galaxy Radio and Socceroos
Hobbies/Interests: Filmmaking, Photography, Watching and playing soccer, Photographing Cats, Cats.
Favorite Things: Thai food, Music, Cats, Family, and Traveling. 
Favorite TV Show: Modern Family and 48 hours.
Favorite Food: Pad see ew (more like pad see yum!)
Favorite Song/Artist: My favorite song changes too often to pick one; as for favorite artist it's between The Shins and Of Monsters and Men.
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Explore Forest Park.
Best Thing About Webster: Its diverse and accepting community.
Advice for Residents: Get involved at Webster and in the community; make your workload more manageable by being proactive and organized; embrace diversity.  

Taylor Nanney- Maria 1

Year: Junior
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Major:  Marketing and Advertising Communications
Campus Involvement: Track & Field and former Residential Housing Association member.
Hobbies/Interests: Listening to music, playing guitar, sports, hanging out with friends, binge watching Netflix, and eating.
Favorite TV Shows: Too many.. That 70's Show, Revenge, Bob's Burgers, Prison Break, OITNB, New Girl, American Horror Story.
Favorite Food: I don't discriminate against any food, but spicy food (Mexican), ice cream and BBQ definitely win wins over my heart.
Favorite Movies: Hot Rod, Crash, Black Knight, Wolf of Wall Street
Favorite Song/Artist: Childish Gambino, Kat Dahlia, The Fray, A Day to Remember, Frank Ocean, Jhene Aiko, Somo, Panic at the Disco.
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: I love going to concerts at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, hanging out in the loop, walking through Forest Park/ Zoo, eating at Strange Donuts, City Museum, etc.
Best Thing About Webster: Everybody is so outgoing and laid back that it's super easy to make friends quickly.
Advice for Residents: It sounds so cliché but seriously get involved on campus. Trying out new clubs is such an easy way to meet new people and possibly find new hobbies. I came to Webster not knowing what to get involved in, and eventually joined the track team and that was probably one of the best decisions I have made because I now have a tight knit community of friends that are all so fun and supportive. Also, take courses that sound interesting to you because that will really help you decide what you would like to do career wise.

Harrison King- Maria 2

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Carmel, IN
Major: Games and Games Design
Campus Involvement: UUUUFL, Humans vs. Zombies, Love Your Melon, RHA
Hobbies/Interests: Love playing video games, hanging with friends, playing Basketball and Frisbee, doing the Rubik's Cube, watching YouTube videos and lets play.  
Favorite Things: My girlfriend, video games, sports, the office.
Favorite TV Show: The Office
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Song/Artist: Logic
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Six Flags or the Loop
Best Thing About Webster: How small it is
Advice for Residents: Have fun, enjoy the moment, and chase your dreams!

Shaniquel Reece- Maria 3

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Saint Louis, MO
Major: Management with an emphasis in Human Resource Management
Campus Involvement: Association for African American Collegians (AAAC) and Webster's African-American Women's Society (AAWS)
Hobbies/Interests: Social Networking, playing cards, watching movies
Favorite Things: Being around family and friends, going shopping, having fun, and relaxing.
Favorite Food: Potatoes
Favorite TV Shows: Bring It
Favorite Artist: Fantasia
Favorite thing to do in Saint Louis: Go to the Delmar Loop and to Forest Park.
Best Thing About Webster: The Library
Advice for Residents: It's okay to be shy and a loner, but the more you open up and interact, the easier it goes.

Year: Junior
 Hometown: Belleville, IL
Major: Choral Music Education
Campus Involvement: Ultimate Frisbee, Chainlink Improv, Humans vs. Zombies, ACDA, NAFME, Various Music Ensembles
Hobbies/Interests: Fitness, Running, Boxing, Singing/Performing, Piano, Reading, Video Games, Music, Theatre, Airsoft, Dogs
Favorite things: That smell right after it stops raining in the summer, dogs, corny/dad jokes, cloudless days, snow, being happy, that feeling when you throw a piece of trash across the room and it lands in the trash can – first try
Favorite Food: Pizza and/or Ice Cream
Favorite Song/Artist: Curbside Prophet/ Jason Mraz
Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead
Favorite Thing to do in St. Louis: Live Performances – The Muny, The Fox, Powell Hall
Best thing about Webster: Webster is so welcoming! It’s easy to call it home.
Advice for Residents: GET INVOLVED! Step outside your comfort zone – you won’t regret it.. 

Emmilyn Murphy- East 1

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Springfield, MO
Major: Accounting
Campus Involvement: Love Your Melon, RHA, Delta Phi Epsilon, Lifeguard, Volleyball Team.
Hobbies/Interests: Netflix, painting, and reading.
Favorite Things: Family, sports, and sleep.
Favorite TV Show: Gilmore Girls
Favorite Song/Artist: Collin Raye
Favorite Food: Carrots and Ice Cream (not together)
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Explore the city
Best Thing About Webster: Small class sizes make it easy to connect with professors and peers.
Advice for Residents: Get involved! It will make your experience so much more valuable.

Zohra Coday- East 2

Year: Junior
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Major: Biology with an emphasis in health and medicine and a minor in Multicultural Studies
Campus Involvement: AAAC, Webster University Fitness Center  
Hobbies/Interests: Talking, listening to music, playing music, reading, traveling, and finding things I enjoy.  
Favorite Things: Hanging out and having fun with friends, talking, listening to music, watching movies and tv shows, and elephants.  
Favorite Food: I don't have a favorite food but I love desserts.
Favorite TV Shows: Empire, NCIS (regular and LA), and The Amazing Race
Favorite Song/Artist: Too many to decide   
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Going to Forest Park and the Central West End
Best Thing About Webster: The people
Advice for Residents: Have fun and even though it sounds cliché, get to know people around you because the people you meet might become really good friends.

Zoe Burton- East 3

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Chesterfield, MO 
Major: Film Studies and French
Campus Involvement: AAC, Chainlink Improv, Track & Field
Hobbies/Interests: Guitar, TV, Singing, Video Games, Photography, Creative Writing, Scandal, Walking, and Music.
Favorite Things: Food, Church, Scandal, Sleep, Blankets, Timberlands, Photography, and Cooking.  
Favorite Song/Artist: Stevie Wonder and Let's Stay Together by Al Green.
Favorite Food: Waffles and Fries
Favorite Thing To Do in St. Louis: Go to New Northside
Best Thing About Webster: WOW's Chicken Wings
Advice For Resident: Just talk to people, you'll be surprised how many great people and friends you can make.

Brennen Almus- East 4

Year: Junior
<h5Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Major: Education with Certification in Secondary Mathematics
Campus Involvement: Housing and Residential Life, FYE
Hobbies/Interests: Shopping, doing crafts, spending time with family and friends, working out, and traveling to Disney World.
Favorite Things: Starbucks, Bread Co., and Red Lobster
Favorite TV Shows: Once Upon A Time, Charmed, and Grey's Anatomy.
Favorite Song/Artist: Country and Pop music
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: I like to go see shows at the Fox Theatre.
Best Thing About Webster: The amazing staff because they take a genuine interest in your success and are always willing to help.
Advice for Residents: Stay on top of things, don't fall behind in your work, always be prepared, and of course go to class.

Kat Weiss- WVA Building 1

Year: Senior
Hometown: Saint Louis, MO
Major: Audio Production and Psychology 
Campus Involvement: Students for Sexual Healthy and Reproductive Rights, Audio Engineering Society, Knitting Club, Feminist Collective, LBGTQ Alliance, Behavioral and Social Sciences Club.
Hobbies/Interests: Everything related to music- listening, playing, writing, mixing, recording, editing, performing, watching. Crafting, Teaching about sexual health and consent, leaning about the systems of oppression and fighting for equality.
Favorite Things: Cats, space, equality, honesty, acceptance, humor, reproductive rights, justice and equality, education.
Favorite TV show: Silicon Valley  
Favorite Food: Anything that's vegetarian and Vietnamese, Thai or Indian.
Favorite Song/Artist: I have honestly too many, but my all- time favorites are Seether, Breaking Benjamin, Green Day, Avenged Sevenfold. Currently, I've been digging the Struts, Meg Myers.
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Taking walks outside and discovering new places in St. Louis, everything is very colorful here! 
Best Thing about Webster: The first thing I said I liked about Webster was the people. Everyone I have met has been incredibly accepting and open-minded.
Advice for Residents: The best advice I can give to anyone is to keep busy, make a lot of memories and develop healthy relationships. Be proud of those you associate yourself with because in the end, what matters most are the people in your life. 

Olivia Fitzgerald- WVA Building 2

Year: Junior
<h5Hometown: O'Fallon, MO
Major: Scriptwriting
Campus Involvement: Encounter, Galaxy Radio
Favorite Things: Reading, Writing, and Watching Netflix.
Favorite Movies: Anything Pixar, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles.
Favorite Song/Artist: Twenty One Pilots, Justin Bieber 
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Zoo, Coffee Shops, The Loop, The London Tea Room, City Museum, and Stefanina's.  Best Thing About Webster: The individual attention from professors, great people, 4th floor in the Library, and Kimberly from Kaldi's.
Advice for Residents: Make friends with your peers and professors, because they know people that can help you later. Get out of your room, go to events and try new things.  

Jared Campbell- WVA Building 3

Year: Senior
Hometown: Branson, MO
<h5Major: Theatre Studies/ Dramaturgy and Advertising/ Marketing Communications and Minor in Scriptwriting
Campus Involvement: Conservatory of Theatre Arts, Student Ambassadors, Webster LEADS 
Hobbies/Interests: Reading and writing plays, seeing plays and musicals, hiking and being outside. 
Favorite Things: Watching award shows, SNL Clips, and laughing at everything Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler does.
Favorite TV Shows: Friends, The Office, Parks and Recreation
Favorite Food: Lasagna and any other pasta
Favorite Song/Artist: Bette Midler, Johnnyswim, George Ezra, Adele, Sam Smith, Ben Rector, Sara Bareilles, John Legend.
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Going to Cardinals games, going to Forest Park, visiting the St. Louis Art Museum, City Museum.
Best Thing About Webster: The study abroad opportunities are some of the best in the nation. Studying abroad was one of the best experiences of my life. The opportunity to travel the world and meet people all over the globe was incredible. You will meet some of your best friends while studying abroad.
Advice for Residents: Get involved. That's the number one piece of advice. Branch out of your comfort zone and meet new people. Take advantage of all the different opportunities that Webster and St. Louis have to offer. Stay open-minded and learn as much as you can in your college experience. Try something new, be yourself, and have a wonderful time! 

Caitlyn Vanover- WVA Building 4

Year: Junior
Hometown: Valles Mines, MO
Major: Legal Studies
Campus Involvement: SAAC, FCA, Law Club, &  Volleyball
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Horror Movies, Crime Shows, Volleyball, Egypt, Going to the Zoo, Swimming, Garage Selling, Thrifting, The Royal Family, Scaring People.
Favorite Things: The Beach, Peanut Butter, Coffee, My niece, My dog, Disney World, Penguins, The Kelly Miller Circus, Cleopatra.
Favorite TV Show: Blue Bloods, The Following, Little House on the Prairie, Love it or List it, American Horror Story, Law and Order: SVU, and Ghost Whisperer.
Favorite Food: Crab Legs
Favorite Song/Artist: Queen, Panic! At the Disco
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: The Zoo!
Best Thing About Webster: The opportunities! There is always something waiting for you around the corner. Our professors and classes are also incredible.
Advice for Residents: Get involved, don't be afraid to get out there and do something! Care about classes and school and work hard.

David Malone- WVA Building 5

Year: Junior
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Major: Film Production
Campus Involvement: Member of Dining Advisory Board and DJ with the Galaxy Radio
Hobbies/Interest: Watching TV & Movies, Playing with my dogs, Hanging out with my friends, Listening to music, and eating Mexican food and Tei Too!
Favorite things: Eating, Watching my favorite shows on Hulu, Listening to music, Meeting new people and does sleeping count?
Favorite TV Show: Shameless & Teen Wolf
Favorite Food: Anything Mexican
Favorite Song/Artist: Sam Smith
Favorite Thing To Do in St. Louis: Eat! Saint Louis has a lot of amazing indie food places plus the art scene is really cool too.
Best Thing About Webster: The people. You’ll always meet someone new and the first day you’re here, you’ll meet someone new; and they may very well become your friend. Webster is so open and you’re free to be whoever you truly want to be, that’s the best thing about being here.
Advice For Residents: Be open to try new things and be open to change! There are so many great things in the Webster/Saint Louis area that you have to be open to try something new. If you’re shy and you don’t like meeting new people, come out of your shell and talk to someone! Webster always has people around who are more than willing to take the time out of their day and talk to you.

Nahla Fekry- WVA Building 6

Year: Graduate Student
Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
Major: MBA- HRM
Campus Involvement: ISA and JSA
Hobbies/Interests: Coloring, Watching movies, and Hang out with Friends
Favorite Things: Trying new experiences, Food, and Places.
Favorite TV Show: Bonds and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
Favorite Food: Sushi, Pizza, and Pasta.
Favorite Song/Artist: Bruno Mars
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Enjoying the nature at Forest Park. 
Best Thing About Webster: Diversity  
Advice for Residents: Enjoy your school days, they're the best years of your life.