Meet Your RA

West Hall - 2015/2016 Staff

West 1 South
Andrew Wagner
West 2 North:
Cameron White
West 2 South:

Hafsa Mansoor 
West 3 North
Taylor Nanney
West 3 South:  
West 4 North
Jared Campbell
West 4 South:
Kirby Weber


Maria Hall - 2015/2016 Staff

Maria 1:
Kat Weiss
Maria 2:
Jaylen Clark
Maria 3:
Brennen Almus

Maria 4:
Natali Arco


East Hall - 2015/2016 Staff

East 1:
Amber Davis
East 2:
Ben Stitzel
East 3:
Emily Geno
East 4:
Zohra Coday


Webster Village Apartments - 2015/2016 Staff

Kelly Otto
WVA 2:
Freddie Rice
WVA 3:
Anas Alzahrani
WVA 4:

Caitlyn Vanover
WVA 5:
Brittney Madison
WVA 6:
Jackie Weber



Andrew Wagner- West 1

Year: Junior
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Major: Sociology
Campus Involvement: LGBTQ Alliance, BASS Club
Hobbies/Interest: I’m really interested in the intersection of justice and religion. I love traveling and writing! Soccer, Activism, Pro-Feminist stuff, and swimming are all really great!
Favorite things: The Ocean, Thunderstorms, Autumn, and New Friendships
Favorite TV Show: Bob’s Burgers
Favorite Food: Pizza!

Favorite Song/Artist: Penny and Sparrow
Favorite Thing To Do in St. Louis: All the free stuff! Forest Park! The Zoo! The Art Museum! Eating downtown in cool little restaurants! 
Best Thing About Webster: The freedom of self-expression is really inspiring! The faculty and staff are very friendly and great at 1 on 1 interactions! There’s almost always free food somewhere on campus! Free (or discounted) Conservatory plays are awesome!
Advice For Residents: Come to events! Join clubs! Talk to people on your floor! Get connected as soon as you can! Find your flow and learn how to balance academics, social life, and work! Success will come the more you learn how to balance college life! Invest in campus and friends! 

Hafsa Mansoor - West 2 South

Year: Junior 
Hometown: born Tulsa, OK; raised O'Fallon, MO
Major: International Human Rights & Political Science 
Campus Involvement: MCISA Program Assistant, Muslim Student Association
Hobbies/Interest: I spend my free time reading, making art, writing (either stories for myself or articles for an online political journal), watching foreign (Pakistani) melodramatic soap-operas. I also adore watching thunderstorms (lightning!) whenever possible. Politics, gender studies, foreign affairs (y’know, nerdy things :D) immensely fascinate me.
Favorite Books: Jane Eyre, the Shatter Me series, anything by J.K. Rowling
Favorite Movies: The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes series (most of my faves are foreign)
Favorite Color: Pink 
Favorite TV Shows: Criminal Minds, Suits, and The Big Bang Theory
Favorite Food: Lentils, Coffee, & Nutella (but never together)
Favorite Song/Artist: Andy Grammer
Favorite Thing To Do in St. Louis: City Museum
Best Thing About Webster: It’s super-biased, but I love that we have a human rights program.
Advice For Residents: You’re going to hear this from pretty much everyone else you ask, but let me just reiterate: get involved. We have so many organizations on campus; you can definitely find at least one that interests you. Don’t judge anyone too quickly. There are resources on campus for you; use them!  If you don’t know where to go or what to do, ask someone-- ask me and we’ll figure it out together. Even the deepest, strongest friendships started with “hello.” 

Cameron White - West 2 North

Year: Junior
Hometown: O'Fallon MO
Major: Music Education
Campus Involvement: Ultimate Frisbee Club (UUUUFL), Humans vs. Zombies
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, video games, intramural sports, singing, playing piano, Netflix
Favorite Things: Music, sports, & games
Favorite Food: Buffalo wings 
Favorite TV Show:  South Park
Favorite Song/Artist: The Beatles
Favorite thing to do in Saint Louis: See a Cardinals Game
Best Thing About Webster: The people, they're awesome!
Advice for Residents: Be yourself and do what you love! If Webster doesn’t have a group of people doing something you love, make the group yourself! Webster and its wonderful people make it easy!

 Vacant - West 3 South

Campus Involvement:
Favorite Things: 
Favorite Food: 
Favorite Music Type: 
Favorite TV Shows: 
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: 
Best Thing About Webster: 
Advice for Residents: 

 Taylor Nanney  - West 3 North

Year: Sophomore 
Hometown: St. Louis, MO 
Major: Marketing & Advertising Communications
Campus Involvement: Track & Field and former Residential Housing Association member 
Hobbies/Interests: Listening to music, playing guitar, sports, hanging out with friends, binge watching Netflix, eating
Favorite Movies: Hot Rod, Crash, Black Knight, Wolf of Wall Street
Favorite TV Shows: Too many.. That 70’s Show, Revenge, Bob’s Burgers, Prison Break, OITNB, New Girl, American Horror Story
Favorite Music: Childish Gambino, Kat Dahlia, The Fray, A Day to Remember, Frank Ocean, Jhene Aiko, Somo, Panic at the Disco
Favorite Food: I don’t discriminate against any food, but spicy food (Mexican), ice cream and BBQ definitely win over my heart.
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: I love going to concerts at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, hanging out in the loop, walking through Forest Park/Zoo, eating at Strange Donuts, City Museum, etc.
Best Thing About Webster: Everybody is so outgoing and laid back that it’s super easy to make friends quickly.
Advice for Residents: It sounds so cliché but seriously get involved on campus. Trying out new clubs is such an easy way to meet new people and possibly find new hobbies. I came to Webster not knowing what to get involved in, and eventually joined the track team and that was probably one of the best decisions I have made because I now have a tight knit community of friends that are all so fun and supportive. Also, take courses that sound interesting to you because that will really help you decide what you would like to do career wise.

Kirby Weber - West 4 South

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Mexico, MO  
Major: Video Game Design Major 
Campus Involvement: Chainlink Improv, Video Game Club Officer, Member of Webster’s Speech and Forensics Team, Member of UUUUFL (Über Ultimate Underground Ultimate Frisbee League), and Humans vs. Zombies
Hobbies/Interests: I love to play video games, walk around, read, go on adventures, do random stuff, and take up space.
Favorite Things: There are a lot of things I love. I like food, turtles, and adventure.
Favorite Food: Mashed Potatoes 
Favorite Music Type: Dream On by Aerosmith 
Favorite TV Shows: I don't watch TV.
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: To get lost and end up somewhere else.
Best Thing About Webster: The best thing about Webster is the people on campus. Everyone is friendly and willing to help you out. It’s a great community to be a part of.

Advice for Residents: Get involved! There’s a lot you can do on campus. It’s the best way to make friends and get to know people. Plus, you will find something that is for you.

 Jared Campbell - West 4 North

Year: Junior
Hometown: Branson, MO
Major: Theater Studies/Dramaturgy and Advertising/Marketing Communications and Minor in Scriptwriting
Campus Involvement: Conservatory of Theatre Arts, Student Ambassadors, Webster LEADS
Hobbies/Interests: Reading and writing plays, seeing plays and musicals, hiking and being outside
Favorite Things: Watching awards shows, SNL clips, and laughing at everything Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler does. 
Favorite TV Show: F.R.I.E.N.D.S., The Office, Parks and Recreation
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Going to Cardinals games, going to Forest Park, visiting the St. Louis Art Museum, City Museum
Favorite Food: Lasagna and any other pasta
Favorite Song/Artist: Bette Midler, Johnnyswim, George Ezra, Adele, Sam Smith, Ben Rector, Sara Bareilles, John Legend
Best Thing About Webster: The study abroad opportunities are some of the best in the nation. Studying abroad was one of the best experiences of my life. The opportunity to travel the world and meet people all over the globe was incredible. You will meet some of your best friends while studying abroad.
Advice for Residents: Get involved. That’s my number-one piece of advice. Branch out of your comfort zone and meet new people. Take advantage of all the different opportunities that Webster and St. Louis have to offer. Stay open-minded and learn as much as you can in your college experience. Try something new, be yourself, and have a wonderful time! 

 Kat Weiss - Maria 1

Year: Junior
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Major:  Audio Production
Campus Involvement: Students for Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights, Audio Engineering Society, Knitting Club, Feminist Collective, Behavioral and Social Sciences Club, LGBTQ Alliance and Office Assistant at Health Services
Hobbies/Interests: Every aspect of music- writing, listening, playing, watching, recording etc., hanging with cats, knitting, painting, intersectional social justice, political and social advocacy, teaching about sexual health and well being and learning from people.
Favorite Things: Cats, music, chapstick, art, nature, cold and overcast days, and wearing comfortable clothes.
Favorite Movies: V for Vendetta and The 10th Kingdom
Favorite Band: Of all time? Or right now? Phew, I could write a book. Alright, lately I've been digging Meg Myers and The Struts. My classic favorites are Seether, Breaking Benjamin, Green Day, Avenged Sevenfold and Halestorm, just to name a few.
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Hang out in the Loop, South Grand and Forest Park's Art Hill.
Best Thing About Webster: How easy it is to customize the experience you want and find people who are always willing to discuss and debate any topic.
Advice for Residents: If something seems interesting, just do it (as long as it is safe and consensual). Also, if you need help, don't be afraid to ask for it.

Jaylen Clark - Maria 2

Year: Senior
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Major: Film Production, Minor in German
Campus Involvement: Chainlink Improv (B.O.B. Officer), Video Game Club, Webster CRU (Team Leader), Anime Club (Treasurer)
Hobbies/Interests: Anime, Music, Video games, Dancing
Favorite Things: Sushi, Pizza, Dresses, Anything nerdy
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Eat pretzel bites at Weber's!
Best Thing About Webster: THE DIVERSITY. So many people from so many backgrounds are here! It's super fun getting know people that are different from you.
Advice for Residents: Bring clothes for all weather types. St. Louis is unpredictable sometimes. Also, don't be afraid to say hi to strangers here- majority of the students are nice and welcoming!

 Brennen Almus - Maria 3

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: St. Charles, MO
Major: Education with Certification in Secondary Mathematics
Campus Involvement: Housing & Residential Life
Hobbies/Interests: Shopping (either at a mall or on amazon), doing crafts, spending time with family and friends, watching Netflix, Pinterest, and traveling to Disney.
Favorite Things: Starbucks, Bread Co., and Red Lobster
 Favorite TV Shows: Once Upon A Time, Charmed, and Grey’s Anatomy
Favorite Music: I primarily listen to Country and Pop music. 
Favorite thing to do in Saint Louis: I like to go see shows at the Fox Theatre.
Best Thing About Webster: The amazing staff because they take a genuine interest in your success and are always willing to help.
Advice for Residents: Stay on top of things. Do not fall behind in your work. Always be prepared and of course go to class!

Natali Arco - Maria 4

Year: Junior
 Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL
Major: Lighting Design
Campus Involvement: Conservatory of Theatre Arts, LASO, Multicultural Club, Webster Works Worldwide.
Hobbies/Interests: Theatre, film photography, people watching, drawing, playing piano, incorporating song lyrics into conversation, meeting new people.
Favorite things: Family, kitten gifs, Will Ferrell movies, Pad Thai, Cuban coffee, House of Cards, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, American Apparel, Billy Joel radio, anything and everything 90's.
Favorite Thing to do in St. Louis: Strange Donuts!!
Best thing about Webster: The arts! It's so wonderful to be surrounded by so much talent and be afforded the opportunity to see and experience it on a daily basis.
Advice for Residents: Sleep!!! Pulling all-nighters on the regular will not do your health or your quality of work any favors. Plan and organize yourself ahead of time to meet your deadlines! You'll need someone to lean on, so, find some sturdy people and be willing to also be leaned upon. 

 Amber Davis - East 1

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Major: Elementary Education w/ an Emphasis in History
Campus Involvement: African American Association, African American Women Society
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, doodling, watching Netflix, being outdoors, singing terribly, texting, and trying new things
Favorite Things: Music, Puppies/Dogs, Sappy Movies, and Debates
Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones, SpongeBob Squarepants, The Office, Chowder, Seinfeld, The Simpsons, Friends, and Adventure Time
Favorite Song/Artist: Meghan Trainer, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Sam Cooke, Ed Sheeran – “Thinking Out Loud”, Chance the Rapper – “Lost”, Noname Gypsy – “Sunday Morning”, Bruno Mars – “Uptown Funk”, Drake – “Legend”, Maroon 5 – “Sunday Morning”, Taylor Swift – “Blank Space”, Carly Rae Jepson – “Maybe”
Favorite Food: Thai food, Authentic Asian Foods (Sushi, Lo Mein, etc.), Blue Gatorade, Dark Chocolate, and Ice Cream
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Go Thrift Store Shopping, Parks (Tower Grove Park, Forest Park, etc.), the Zoo, and just explore the city.
Best Thing About Webster: The Spontaneous Smiles Strangers Give You! :) 
Advice for Residents: Enjoy today, you’ll never get it back!

Ben Stitzel - East 2

Year: Junior
Hometown: Memphis, TN/St. Louis, MO
Major: Music Education
Campus Involvement: Residential Housing Association, HVZ, Jazz Combos, Ultimate Frisbee, Quidditch Team 
Hobbies/Interests: Music, Recording, Movies, Theoretical Physics, Cycling, Video Games 
Favorite Books: The Fault in Our Stars, It’s Kind of A Funny Story, An Abundance of Katherines, The Giver, The Old Man and the Sea.
Favorite Movies: V for Vendetta, Mr. Hollands Opus, Pirates of the Caribbean. 
Favorite Bands: The Beatles, Passion Pit, Matt and Kim, The Shins, Watsky, Fiona Wild & the Midnight Lights  
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Go to the arch, the Science Center, or exploring Forest Park 
Best Thing About Webster: The people you meet here
Advice for Residents: Join a club and don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and introduce yourself to someone new

Emily Geno - East 3

Year: Senior
Hometown: Wildwood, MO
Major: History
Campus Involvement: LGBTQ+ Alliance, sometimes I go watch Quidditch practice
Hobbies/Interests: Knitting and crocheting, watching Netflix, reading fantasy books (Game of Thrones, anyone?), listening to all sorts of music, being a generally nerdy human being.
Favorite Things: My CD/Music collection, my fat cat named Chubs. 
Favorite Song/Artist: Fall Out Boy, I am also really into kpop.
Favorite Food: Sushi, but when I can’t afford that (which is often), I’m eating mac n cheese.
Favorite TV Show: Star Trek
Favorite Thing To Do in St. Louis: I love our Museums, they’re great and free and we’ve got some really neat parks to explore in the area.
Best Thing About Webster: The diversity! Everyone is pretty accepting because we have such a diverse population here. The school is also small so everyone is very friendly.
Advice For Resident Don’t procrastinate! Get things done ahead of time and you’ll be a lot less stressed. Keep your room clean and try to have a somewhat normal sleep schedule.

 Zohra Coday - East 4

Year: Junior
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Major: Biology with an emphasis in health and medicine and a minor in Multicultural Studies
Campus Involvement: AAAC, Webster University Fitness Center
Hobbies/Interests: Talking, listening to music, playing music, reading, traveling, and finding things I enjoy.
Favorite Things: Hanging out and having fun with friends, talking, listening to music, watching movies and tv shows, and elephants!!
Favorite TV Show: I have quite a few but at the moment its Empire, NCIS (regular and LA), and The Amazing Race
Favorite Food: I don’t have a favorite food but I love deserts.
Favorite Song/Artist: Too many to decide…
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Going to Forest Park and the Central West End
Best Thing About Webster: The people
Advice for Residents: Have fun and even though it sounds cliche, get to know the people around you because the people you meet might become really good friends.

Kelly Otto - WVA Building 1

Year: Junior
Hometown: Wheaton, IL
Major: Film Production
Minors: Women and Gender Studies, Photography/International Human Rights 
Campus Involvement: Webster Works Worldwide, Webster University Competitive Cheerleading, Feminist Collective.
Hobbies/Interests: Sleeping when I can. Reading when I can. Cooking. Watching movies and TV shows. Working on movies and TV shows. I like to try new things and meet new people. I also love thrift shopping because everything is better when it is on sale. 
Favorite Things: I think they are similar to my hobbies. I don’t really have a favorite color, food, movie or band. I like to be active and laugh and I like to take pictures. I am passionate about education and equality. 
Favorite Movies: That is the worst question to ask… I love comedies, musicals and Johnny Depp. I like to watch movies that make me think. Do not ask me to watch anything scary. 
Favorite Bands: I enjoy all types of music; it just depends on my mood! Everything besides Metal, I never could really get into that genre. I typically have a new favorite song every time I listen to Spotify.
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Taking walks outside and discovering new places in St. Louis, everything is very colorful here! 
Best Thing about Webster: The first thing I said I liked about Webster was the people. Everyone I have met has been incredibly accepting and open-minded.
Advice for Residents: The best advice I can give to anyone is to keep busy, make a lot of memories and develop healthy relationships. Be proud of those you associate yourself with because in the end, what matters most are the people in your life. 

Freddie Rice - WVA Building 2

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Belleville, IL
Major: Music Education
Campus Involvement: UUUFL (Ultimate Frisbee), Chainlink Improv, Humans Vs. Zombies, ACDA, NAfME, Choir
Hobbies/Interests: Fitness, Running, Singing, Reading, Video Games, Theatre, Music, Dogs
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Foods: Pizza, Ice Cream, Pasta, Eggs, Peanut Butter
Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Italian Job, Moulin Rouge, The Last Five Years
Favorite Band/Artist: Twenty One Pilots 
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: Live performances! The Muny, The Fox, Powell Hall
Best Thing About Webster: Everyone is so welcoming and accepting - it's easy to call Webster home.
Advice for Residents: Get Involved!! Don't be afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone.

 Anas Alzahrani - WVA Building 3

Year: Senior
Hometown: Saudi Arabia
Major: Advertising and Marketing communication
Campus Involvement: Muslim Student Association (President) , Japanese Student Association 
Hobbies/Interests: Taking a walk in the park, watch movies, go out with friends, and play tennis. 
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: 
Best Thing About Webster: The library, because it is the most helpful place to go to when you need the right information to your paper as well as to your knowledge.
Advice for Residents: The interest in life is when you live your life the way you want not the way people want. Also, Time is the only thing that never stops and never goes back, but it’s the only thing that saves what we did and shows who we are. So shape your time!!  

Caitlyn Vanover - WVA Building 4

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Valles Mines, MO
Major: Legal Studies
Campus Involvement: SAAC, FCA, Law Club, &  Volleyball
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Horror Movies, Crime Shows, Volleyball, Egypt, Going to the Zoo, Swimming, Garage Sale-ing, Thrifting, The Royal Family
Favorite Things: The Beach, Peeps, The Following, Little House on the Prairie, Coffee, My Niece, My Dog, Disney World, Penguins, The Kelly Miller Circus, Blue Bloods, Cleopatra, Crab Legs
Favorite Movies: Cleopatra, Kiss the Girls, White House Down, Panic Room, Frozen, Tangled, Batman, The Conjuring, Kate & William
Favorite Bands: Queen, AWOL Nation, Imagine Dragons
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: The Zoo!
Best Thing About Webster: The Professors and our Library 
Advice for Residents: Care about school and your work. Get involved.

Brittney Madison - WVA Building 5

Year: Junior
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Major: English: Creative Writing
Campus Involvement: Member of AAAC club
Hobbies/Interest: Basketball, Writing, Acting, Movies and hanging with friends.
Favorite TV Show: Pretty Little Liars, The Walking Dead, Dexter
Favorite Food: PIZZA AND TACOS!
Favorite Song/Artist: Beyonce, Drake, and John Legend
Favorite Thing To Do in St. Louis: Go to Forest Park, and The Loop.
Best Thing About Webster: Small classes, Diversity, of very outgoing people, and all the events/festivals put on by different clubs and organizations.
Advice For Residents: GET OUT AND MAKE FRIENDS AND/OR JOIN A CLUB! The more people you know, the better time you will have. College friendships are the ones that last a lifetime. Also, start off with the habit of making a nice homework schedule. The earlier you set a routine, the smoother your college experience will be. So keep a planner! :)

   Jackie Weber- WVA Building 6

Year: Senior
Hometown: Maryland Heights, MO
Major: Special Education
Campus Involvement: Delta Phi Epsilon, Webster Danceline
Hobbies/Interests:  Dancing, camping, volleyball, concerts, watching movies, spending time with friends & family
Favorite Things: 
Favorite Thing to Do in St. Louis: The Zoo, City Museum, Forest Park 
Best Thing About Webster:  The diversity and how accepting all the students (and professors) are!  
Advice for Residents: Get out of your room, build friendships/relationships, and get involved! Knowing more people and developing relationships will benefit you in the long run. By getting involved, you will make connections and meet people will the same/similar interests and hobbies as you.