Housing Renewal Process

Housing Renewal Process
Living on Campus: Fall 2015-Spring 2016

If you are a current on-campus resident below are the first two steps in our Returner Room Sign Up Process for the Fall 2015/Spring 2016 academic year.   It is mandatory for all on-campus residents to do Step One of the process, this will inform us of your housing plans for the upcoming academic year.

STEP ONE (A paper form stating whether or not you want to live on campus for the 2015-2016 Academic Year)

  • All students who CURRENTLY live on campus during the 2014-2015 academic year must complete the Housing Renewal Form for 2015-2016 to either request to be part of the housing lottery OR to inform us that they will not be returning to on-campus housing. This form is due to the Office of Housing and Residential Life in West Hall no later than 5:00PM on Wednesday, February 25, 2015.  Forms will be available soon through this website or at the Office of Housing and Residential Life, 130 West Hall.  

STEP TWO (On-line application agreeing to all terms and conditions of contract)

All students who want to live on campus during the 2015-2016 academic year must log on to the PatronWeb site and complete the Housing Application Academic Year 15/16 SO JR SR GR.  This should be submitted online by Friday, March 13, 2015.

Historically, over 430 students are assigned times to pick housing for the next academic year. Of those 430, there are 55 to 60 students who want housing but space is not initially available. These students are placed on a wait list for housing.

Additionally, we are limited on type of housing options available. Not everyone receives their first, or even second, preference. For example, if you are a freshman and want to live in a 4 – bedroom apartment, it is highly unlikely that you will receive this placement. Typically the 4-bed and 2-bed apartments are the first to fill.

When filling out your form keep in mind, the more students in your group, the less likely that you will be placed with everyone in your group. If a member of your group is not a current resident, their name needs to be on your form and they have to have a completed, on-line application and deposit to be considered for housing.

Once we receive the forms, we will evaluate the number of students requesting housing and the available spaces. This is why it is so important to turn your forms in on time so we can make the best decision on how to move forward with the process. This may include a lottery for receiving housing or some exemptions for mandatory housing. We will send out emails after the decision is made outlining the process for all students interested in housing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when to arrive for Room Sign-Up to select my space?

  • You will receive an email to your Webster email address in early to mid-March notifying you of your Room Sign-Up appointment time.

How do I apply for housing for Summer 2015?

  • If you are interested in applying for Summer 2015 housing, you will apply online for summer housing online at the PatronWeb site, this application will be become active in Early March. The priority consideration summer housing application deadline is April 15, 2015.

What housing is available in the summer?

  • The main housing option for summer housing are spaces in the Webster Village Apartments. There may be limited housing opportunities in Glen Park Apartments.

What are the summer housing rates?

  • Rates will be posted here as soon as they are set.

What options are there for co-ed or gender neutral housing?

  • We refer to co-ed/gender neutral housing as open housing, wherein rooms can be mixed-gendered.  Should you wish to have a mixed-gendered room, all residents in your space will need to sign the Open Housing Agreement, which will be available at your Room Sign-Up appointment. Open Housing is available in the WVA and East Hall. All returner spaces can be eligible to Open Housing based on availability and interest. 

What happens if the space I want is not available during Room Sign-Up?

  • Don't panic. We advise you to select any available space. Then you can sign up on the Wait List with your preferred space request.  We often have some transition over the course of the spring and summer that allows us to work our way through the Wait List to grant such requests.

What if I need to make a change to my Housing Renewal Form or my Online Application?

  • Go to the Housing Office in West Hall during normal office hours (between 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday). We will be happy to assist you. You can also email housing@webster.edu or call 314-246-4663.

How do I cancel my housing contract?

  • You must cancel in writing to the Office of Housing and Residential Life. Please note that when you submit the online application, you are submitting a legally binding housing contract. If you don't show up for your Room Sign-Up appointment, a space will still be selected for you based on your online application. If you wish to cancel this contract, there is no penalty if you cancel in writing on or before May 1, 2015. After this date, there are fees for cancellation, which you can view here.

Can a new University Housing resident be one of my roommates?

  • If a member of your group or a requested roommate has never lived on campus, you will list his/her name on your Housing Renewal Form, but he/she does not fill out a Housing Renewal Form. He/she should instead just complete the Housing Application, available on this website: PatronWeb. On the application, he/she should list your name(s) as a roommate preference.  This application needs to be submitted by Wednesday, February 25, 2015.  They need to have a damage deposit on file with the university.. We will try to place this new resident in a space with you if options are still available. You can only request such roommates if they will be non-first-year freshmen students in Fall 2015.

What can I do if I miss the deadlines for participating in the Housing Renewal Process?

  • If you do not complete Housing Renewal Form, you may still have the opportunity to request space in University Housing next year.  If you are required to live on campus, we will assign a space to you, and you will need to complete the online Application. If you are not required to live on campus, you can stop by the Housing Office in West Hall to request a specific type of space, but there are no guarantees. You will be placed according to available space.

What do I do if I will be studying abroad at the start of the Fall 2015 semester but want to live on campus when I return?

  • You will need to complete the online Application (log on to: PatronWeb and complete the Spring 2016 Housing Application. This application will be available in August 2015.  You will not complete the Housing Renewal Form.  You will not attend a Room Sign-Up appointment.  Kelly Malone, the Housing Coordinator, will contact you in the fall semester to determine your placement for when you return to campus housing after your study abroad experience. You can contact housing@webster.edu with roommate and area requests, but placement will be based on available space.

What do I do if I am studying abroad in the Spring 2015 semester but want to live on campus in Fall 2015?

  • You will complete the online Application (log on to PatronWeb and complete the Housing Application Academic Year 15/16 SO JR SR GR); and a Proxy Form so that a space can be selected for you. (Proxy form will be posted in February 2015).