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2020 - 2021 Post Move-In Space Change Policy

Due to COVID-19, Room Swap will not be taking place.

2019 - 2020 Post Move-In Space Change Policy

Housing and Residential Life makes every attempt to assign residents with roommates who have similar sleep, study, and noise preferences. However, roommate compatibility is multi-faceted, and despite our best efforts, roommates may not always be compatible. The Post Move-In Space Change Policy seeks to provide residents an avenue to select a new roommate - from current residents who either have an available space in their current placement or are seeking a new placement.

In accordance with this policy, beginning the third week of classes, and ending the Wednesday of the fifth week of classes, Housing and Residential Life will facilitate an “open room change” period to allow students to change rooms without going through the steps required of a traditional room change. Once the period allotted by the Post Move-In Space Change Process has expired, students wishing to change rooms will be required to participate in the traditional room change process. For more information on the traditional room change process, please reach out to your Community Director.

In respect for current pre-established, room change processes and in regard for the well-being of all residents, the following restrictions and regulations are applicable to the Post Move-In Space Change Process:

  1. All residents wishing to participate in this process must be actively enrolled full time students by the start of the process.
  2. All residents who change rooms through this process will be subject to the $75 room change fee.
  3. Residents who change rooms through this process will have 72 hours from check-in to their new space to complete their move from their previous placement and finish the check-out process with a Housing & Residential Life staff member. Violation of this regulation will incur additional fees.
  4. Residents placed through this process must be assigned with a roommate and/or suitemates of their identified gender. Any requests for gender inclusive housing must be coordinated through the Housing & Residential Life Office.
  5. Residents may not use this process to circumvent the room sign-up process or community placement rules. Example: Upper-class students wishing to move to an apartment area should speak to their Community Director about the potential of a semester move.
  6. Residents may not attempt through coercion, threat, bribe, or uncivil behavior to force their current roommate to move-out, in order to participate in this process.
  7. Residents may not choose to upgrade their room to a single at the cost of evicting another resident from their assigned space or from Housing and Residential Life
  8. This process may be used to consolidate students who are currently in placements that are not fully occupied. Additionally, students may also be consolidated if their current placement becomes half occupied over the course of the Post Move-In Space Change Process. Students who are consolidated will not be subject to the $75 room change fee.
  9. Residents participating in this process understand that they will held accountable to the Student Code of Conduct and Housing & Residential Life policies for any behaviors explicit or implicit that occur proceeding, during, or after this process.
  10. Residents may not use the results of this process as a justification for contract termination.
  11. Webster University, and therefore Housing and Residential Life and its policies do not discriminate based on students’ race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, creed, age, ethnic or national origin, or disability. Students who seek to participate in this process based on their current roommates’ identities may be denied participation in this process.



  1. At the beginning of the second week of classes, the Housing and Residential Life Office will send communication out to all active residents informing them of the upcoming space change period. This communication will include: the process outlined in this policy, information for setting up a meeting with their Community Director, and a form for residents interested in participating in the open switch process to complete.
  2. Upon receipt of the above mentioned email, residents will complete the linked form and schedule a time during the third week of classes to meet with their Community Director to discuss the Post Move-In Space Change Process. During this conversation, Community Directors will communicate regarding the following items: the student’s reason for entering the process, ensure that the resident has discussed the desire to change rooms with their current roommate, and outline the process to the student.
  3. On the Monday of the third week of classes, communication will go out to the residents who completed the space change interest form. This communication will outline:
    1. Current available spaces,
    2. Current “free agent” residents – defined as a resident who wishes to move out of their current placement, but does not have an intended room to move in to.  
    3. The date, time, and location of a resident space change meet–up, providing participants the opportunity to meet with others going through the process
    4. An attached document, which students will turn in once they have made a final decision regarding their space.
    5. Once notified of the opening of the Post Move-In Space Change Process, residents may visit with others participating in the process and/or attend meet-ups to determine the best room fit for them. Residents will have until the end of the business day on the Thursday of the fourth week of classes to determine and submit their requested placement to their Community Director.
    6. On the Friday of the fourth week of classes, Community Directors will ensure each student participating in the process has a placement, confirm placements with the Assignments and Billing Coordinator, and prepare administratively for the room changes. Students who have not submitted the required form by the deadline will be placed or remain in their current placement at the Community Director’s discretion.
    7. Once confirmed, residents who are moving rooms will be informed via their Webster University email of their new placement and given 72 hours to complete their move from their old space, checkout paperwork, and return the keys to the old placement.
      1. As a result of this process, if someone is left with an unassigned space in their room, the Housing & Residential Life Office will make a decision whether to offer the space as a single room or consolidate the student to a new space.
      2. All room changes resulting from this process must be completed by the end of the business day on the Wednesday of the fifth week of classes.