What to Bring

It's important to talk to your roommate before you move in to discuss what each of you will be bringing. There's a limited amount of space in your room, and you don't want to fill it with two of everything!

Review the following "What to Bring" lists to help you while you pack:

Please review our policies and procedures (see Important Forms) for more information on items that are / are not allowed in the Residence Halls and Apartments.

What about a TV?

West Hall, East Hall, and Maria Hall
If you live in the Residence Halls, you will be able to watch cable TV through your computer, just by connecting to the Internet. You may choose to bring a television set, but you'll have to rent a set-top box for $75 to watch cable channels. See Loft Kits and Cable Boxes for rental information.
Webster Village Apartments
If you live in the Webster Village Apartments, you have the option of watching TV through the Internet on your computer, or you can bring a television set and coaxial cable to watch Charter Cable television. You do not need to rent a set-top box.

What about a phone?

You have the option to bring a phone and answering machine to use in your room on campus. We provide a phone line, and you will be able to make local calls for free. If you choose to bring a phone, contact the housing office (314-246-4663 or housing@webster.edu) to ask for your room phone number.  Please note that you and your roommate will share one number, so you may want to get an answering machine with multiple mailboxes for some privacy. Contact your roommate to decide which of you will bring the phone and the answering machine so you don't end up with more than one.