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Loft Kits and Streaming

Loft Kits

All beds in East Hall, West Hall, Maria Hall, and the Webster Village Apartments are junior lofts, meaning that the height of the bed can be adjusted, and they are able to be bunked on top of one another. Students can request loft kits at an additional cost to raise their beds higher off the floor. Students are not permitted to build or purchase their own loft kits to use in their rooms.

What is a Loft Kit?

Lofts are a furniture rental option that helps maximize floor space in your room. Each loft kit will allow the bed of one person to be elevated (72 inches from floor to top of mattress) on an additional set of bed ends that are then secured by support braces. This allows enough room below the bed for your desk and dresser to both be placed beneath the bed. The rental cost is just $100 for the entire academic year. A staff member in the Housing & Residential Life Office may assist you with assembly at your request. Additionally, you can view pictures of the loft kit and instructions for how to put them up below.


Which buildings can have Loft Kits?

All housing options (Residence Halls and WVA) have beds that can be lofted.

How is the Loft Kit delivered?

If you have request a loft kit and have been granted one by the department, a kit is placed in your room before you arrive in the fall. After you leave at the end of the academic year, Housing & Residential Life staff will remove the loft.

How do I reserve a Loft Kit?

If you would like to reserve a loft, use the online application on our PatronWeb. Go to this web site: Use your Webster University Connections username and password to log in. You will then click on the appropriate form for you. Please submit the form online by July 31. Loft kits are limited and will be issued on a first-come basis. If you are issued a loft kit, the cost for the rental will be billed to your Webster University student account.

How will I know when I get a loft?

You may contact the Housing & Residential Life Office to confirm receipt of a loft kit. Please call (314) 246-4663 or email Additionally, if you are placed on the wait list for a loft kit, you will receive an email to your Webster email account. As loft kits become available, you will be contacted via email. 

What if I want to cancel after I find out I received a loft?

Cancellations must be made in writing and can be done via e-mail to For the cancellation to be processed, please provide your full name, student ID number and room assignment. Cancellations must be received in writing no later that July 31, 2018 to receive any type of refund. The loft kit contract is submitted online at

Do I own the loft?

The loft is the property of the University and may not be rented or subleased. Like other pieces of University furniture, you may not remove the loft from your room. If you wish to have the loft removed, you should contact your Resident Assistant (RA).

Streaming Television

West Hall, East Hall, and Maria Hall
If you live in the Residence Halls, you are able to watch cable TV through your computer, just by connecting to the Internet with an ethernet cord. If you choose to bring a television, you can connect Smart TV to the cable by utilizing an ethernet cord - the same is true of gaming systems plugged in to the TV. Your RA can help you navigate the process of accessing cable, and there will be instructions on the floor. Additionally, know that you can connect your gaming devices and Smart TVs to the WU_Res_Gaming_&_Devices WiFi by contacting the Information Technology (IT) Help Desk at 314-246-5995. If you would like to watch cable but do not have any of these devices available, please know that every floor has a lounge TV that is connected to cable for your viewing pleasure.

Webster Village Apartments
If you live in the Webster Village Apartments, you have the option of watching TV through the Internet on your computer, or you can bring a television set and coaxial cable to watch Charter Cable television. You do not need to rent a set-top box, and can instead pick up a cable box from the Housing Office in West Hall after you have completed move-in.