Prospective Residents

If you're considering campus housing at Webster University, you've come to the right place! Please peruse the links to the left get more information about living on campus.

Four Major Reasons to Live and Learn On Campus at Webster University

1. Academic Achievement and Persistence
According to the American Council on Education, students who live on campus have a better chance of doing well in college than students living off campus. On-campus students have better grades, take more units, and are more likely to persevere to achieve a university degree. Research also indicates that grade point average for residence hall students is related significantly to environmental variables such as living on campus. In other words, students who live on campus are more successful academically than students who commute. Our own tracking shows, for example, that freshmen who live on campus are more likely to return for their sophomore year than those who do not.

2. Safety and Convenience
Unlike living off campus, the Department of Public Safety continuously patrols campus and provides services for students at night. Residential Life staff is on call 24/7 and extensively trained to respond to a wide range of emergencies. Students living on campus reside in fully furnished facilities with ample community space, direct Ethernet connection, cable television, local phone service, nearby parking, and flexible meal plans. For students living off campus, these amenities are extra costs that typically have less reliability.

3. Accessibility and Community
Living on campus puts you in closest proximity to classrooms, faculty offices, our library, support services such as student health service and the academic resource center, and a myriad of activities and events. Students who live on campus are much more likely to make use of these resources than those who do not live on campus. Residents benefit from living in a community of students sharing common goals of academic and personal success. Studies show that students living on campus have a better opportunity for growth and success. Living in a student community enhances the learning process and prepares individuals for the real world.

4. Our Own Residents Say So
On our most recent Quality of Life Survey, 88% of our residents reported that they would recommend living on campus to others.