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Housing Application Information

Campus housing applications are generally accepted throughout the year; however, given the popularity of living on campus and the variety of living options, the general rule is, "the earlier the application is submitted, the better."

Freshmen applications for housing need to coincide with the application for admission to the University. Current and returning students can re-apply for housing for an upcoming year during the spring semester of the current academic year.

Application and Contract for On-Campus Housing:

If you are a prospective resident that is not currently a student and has never been enrolled in classes:

  • Upon being accepted into the university, you will receive your Candidate Login. This is given to you from the Information Technology (IT) Office. You will use this Candidate Login to set up your Webster University Connections password via the Microsoft 365 set-up portal under the "Let's get started! Just 4 steps" section. After you have both your Connections username and password, please visit https://housing.webster.edu/PatronWeb. On this website, you will log in with your Connections information and complete the application for the academic year during which you would like to live on campus.
  • If you have not received this account/do not remember it, or are experiencing any issues, please contact the IT Support Desk at 314-246-5995 or via support@webster.edu.

Housing for First-time Freshmen, Transfers, and New to On-Campus Housing

Congratulations on your admission to Webster University! We look forward to you joining our university community.  All of the materials that you need to apply to live on campus are available online.  Please read the following information carefully before proceeding to the application.

LIVE-ON REQUIREMENT: ALL freshmen enrolled at the St. Louis main campus are required to live on campus for their first two years at Webster University. Exceptions to this requirement are granted for freshmen living with their parents within a 35-mile radius of the main campus in Webster Groves. International transfer students are also required to live on campus for their first year enrolled in classes at the main campus. Additionally, all study abroad students are required to live on campus during the duration of their study abroad at Webster Groves campus. 

Housing Options for First-time Freshmen
West Hall
Maria Hall

Housing Options for Transfers and Upperclassmen
Webster Village Apartments
East Hall
Maria Hall                                                                                                                                                                                Glen Park                                                                                                                                                                                  Big Bend                                                                                                                                                                                    North Hall   

General Tips When Completing the Application:

  • If you have a preferred roommate, you will need the student ID number of that individual in order to request them on the application.
  • While you are working on the application, you can make edits to previous pages by clicking the page name located to the right of your name on the top of each page.
  • Once you click "I Agree" on the ApplySignature page of the Application, you cannot go back and make any changes to the application.  If you need to make changes afterward, you must contact our office (314-246-4663 or housing@webster.edu).

If you have any questions, you can contact the Webster University Housing & Residential Life Office for more information: 314-246-HOME (4663) or housing@webster.edu. 

Important dates to remember:

  • November/December: Applications for incoming freshmen students available online.
  • May 1: Mutual roommate requests should be received by this date.
  • Late-June: Room assignment and roommate information sent to all residents for the upcoming school year.

Application and Agreement for On-Campus Housing:

  • See above for the online application link and login information.
  • It is important that you submit the application form as soon as possible, along with a check or money order for $175, made payable to Webster University. This amount ($175) includes a non-refundable application fee ($25) and a damage deposit ($150).
  • Once we have received your application and check, we will acknowledge receipt.
  • Applications received before the priority deadline of April 1 are generally assured a space in campus housing.
  • If we receive your application after April 1, you could be temporarily wait-listed.
  • Your room assignment and roommate information will be sent in mid-July via email. If you are placed in campus housing, cancellation charges will apply if you choose to cancel your housing contract. By signing the housing application, you agree to the terms and conditions of the housing contract.
  • Please be aware that this form constitutes a binding agreement. If you receive a space in housing starting in the fall semester, you are contracted for that space for the entire academic year.  If you receive a space in the spring semester, you are contracted for the entire spring semester.  Should you wish to terminate this contract after you have moved in, you will complete a Request for Termination Form.
  • If you have been accepted academically and are waiting for acceptance to a specific program (i.e. Conservatory or Film Production), it is essential to submit your housing application as soon as you can. Delay could prevent receiving on-campus housing.
  • If you are interested in being a part of a Learning Community, please click here.
  • Please be aware that all students living in the residence halls and all first-year students living on campus must purchase a meal plan for the entire year they reside on campus.

Returners to On-Campus Housing

We look forward to you returning to our university community. All of the materials that you need to apply to live on campus are available online.

  • Use your Webster University Connections username and password to log in to the following website: https://housing.webster.edu/PatronWeb. On this website, you will complete the application for the academic year during which you would like to live on campus.

Application Information:

  • HOUSING RENEWAL PROCESS: If you are currently living on campus and wish to return in the next academic year, you will go through the Housing Renewal Process. More information on this process is available here: http://www.webster.edu/housing/current/renewal.html.
  • PREVIOUS RESIDENT WISHING TO RETURN: If you are not a current resident but lived on campus previously, you will submit an application by going to this website: https://housing.webster.edu/PatronWeb.  Use your Webster University Connections username and password to log in.  You will then click on the appropriate application for you. To pay your $175.00 deposit by credit card, please visit the CashNet link.
  • SUMMER 2018 HOUSING: Webster University Housing & Residential Life offers summer housing in the Webster Village Apartments. We have spaces in shared efficiencies, 2 bedroom, and 4 bedroom apartments.  The summer term lasts from May-July. You can sign up for bridge housing for an additional fee (see Rates). You must meet the qualifications to be eligible for bridge housing.  To apply for summer housing, visit the PatronWeb site and log in using your Connections Username and Password.

    Summer Interns

  • If you are a summer intern looking for housing in the St. Louis area, Webster University Housing & Residential Life offers summer intern housing. We have spaces in 2 bedroom and 4 bedroom apartments.
  • Please contact us for a short-term housing application via email (keirstenschad78@webster.edu), mail (Housing & Residential Life, 240 Edgar Rd. St. Louis, MO 63119), or fax (314-246-4664).
  • For more information, please contact Housing & Residential Life at (314)-246-4663 or housing@webster.edu.