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Job Classifications

The Non-Faculty Job Classification System recognizes broad areas of responsibilities and recommends respective titles that fall within each area. The system considers levels of experience, qualifications, and duties as a basis for developing position classification.

The Classification System will provide for uniformity and fairness in recognizing and rewarding the efforts and talents of individual staff members. It will also provide for comparison of duties, remuneration, etc., with similar positions within the University and other institutions of higher education.

Utilization of the system will allow the institution to manage wage and salary expenditures in an equitable manner. The interests of each employee will be protected by the Classification System and any wage and salary discrepancies will be reviewed and addressed by the Administration.

The Human Resource Department will maintain the system.

For further information regarding job classification please contact the Human Resource Department at 314-246-7780.

Employee Compensation

The University delivers a staff compensation package that is fair and equitable according to comparable markets. A comprehensive and competitive compensation program has been established to assure the recruitment and retention of qualified employees. The Human Resource Department will work diligently to maintain the system, to conduct comparable market studies, and to develop new practices to continuously improve the program.

A job evaluation and grading system has been developed and each staff position has been placed into the system. Salary ranges that reflect the market value have been designed and designated for each grade level. Prospective and current employees are encouraged to contact the Human Resource department for information regarding the grade level and salary range of staff positions.

Wage and Salary Increases

Once a year, upon approval by the appropriate officers of the University and the Board, and as budget permits, employees will be rewarded for individual performance by merit. Merit increases are not guaranteed pay adjustments. Wage and salary increases are based solely on performance and should be proportionately distributed based on the level of employee performance.

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