E-Mails to U.S. Employees | Webster University
E-Mails to U.S. Employees | Webster University

E-Mails to U.S. Employees

Greetings Administrators, Faculty, Staff & Student Employees:

Last fall, we announced plans to automate payroll and several human resources functions through a web-based system, hosted by Automatic Data Processing (ADP). As you may recall, ADP was selected in a competitive bid process and is a world-class company, recognized as a leader in payroll and HR process automation. 

ADP Project Implementation Status Webster's partnership with ADP has been very positive and productive; there have been some system and process challenges to overcome to tailor this system to meet Webster's requirements. Both Webster and ADP teams have been working diligently to ensure a seamless and secure transition of data between Webster's CX system and the new ADP system. We also have been updating processes and policies to clarify and use the efficiencies these new systems offer. 

As we conclude system configuration and testing, we are now planning a December 2013 system launch. Since employees will access the new system based on their respective roles, we have planned informational meetings and training opportunities geared toward each segment. We encourage you to check the Webster Today blog for updates and information. 

Fall 2013 Timeline of Activities

The following timeline outlines our plans during the few weeks leading up to December winter break.

  • October: Informational meetings with unit, school, college and campus leadership
  • November & December: Training sessions based on employee's role Online through World Classroom Hands-on in Webster Groves computer labs Online via WebEx
  • December: Hands-on practice Security Validation ADP System Goes Live

ADP System Benefits Benefits For You

The new system will allow quick, real-time access to your personal data including payroll records and employment benefits. For managers and administrators, it will also provide better operational data and minimize the flow of paperwork. All employees will have the ability to update some of their account data without filling out paper forms and waiting for those changes to take effect. The system also enables on-line time entry for students and staff and paid time off reporting for staff. 

Benefits for the University

The efficiencies this system provides will reduce Webster's administrative costs. Currently, numerous employees across several departments spend precious time processing these tasks by paper. The new system will curtail much of this time-consuming activity, bringing these functions up-to-date and making current resources available for other important purposes. 

We are excited about the convenience and transparency this new system will provide, its more robust features, and how it will help us continue meeting the demands that accompany Webster's increasing growth. Your support during this implementation process is very much appreciated. 


Greg Gunderson
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer 

Betsy M. Schmutz
Associate Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer