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General and Introductory FAQs

Q: When will I register for My Webster?
A: You will receive an email when it is time to register for My Webster.  It is expected this will be directly after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Q: What am I required to do in My Webster?
A: All employees will maintain their personal, pay and tax information and, where applicable, their time and benefit elections. You are responsible for ensuring the information is accurate and up-to-date, corresponding to the pay period, or applicable event schedule, as well the pay outcomes on your checks. All Webster employees are required to use the system properly.

Q: Is my information secure and confidential in My Webster Employee Self-Service?
A: Your information is secure and confidential, as long as you follow these guidelines:  

    • Never share your username and password with anyone else.This means that you cannot have another person timestamp for you.  It is against policy for you to take the responsibility to timestamp for another person and subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.
    • Never leave the computer unattended while logged in.
    • Always remember to log off when you are finished using the system.

      Remember that through My Webster, you have access to very personal data — things like your social security number, date of birth, direct deposit accounts, and beneficiaries. This information is not in every module, but all of the information can be accessed once you have logged in. Sharing the password or allowing someone else to perform tasks for you in My Webster would give another person easy access to your personal data. Therefore, you are responsible and accountable for keeping your information secure and confidential. This is so important that the University requires you by policy to maintain your own security and confidentiality or be subject to disciplinary action up to, and including, termination for failing to do so.

Q: What are the next steps?
First, complete the training relative to your job role(s) as provided to you within Canvas/Worldclassroom. You will have received a specific e-mailed invitation from Canvas containing a link to this training. Next, you will soon receive information to verify the minimum browser and version requirements and to secure Java if needed.  By early December, we will start the registration process and you will be able to log into My Webster and view your information.   

Q: How many times can I try to get into the portal before it locks me out?
You can only do this three (3) times. If you see that you have attempted twice, you can choose instead to go back to the main login screen and choose “Forgot User ID” or “Forgot Password” so that you can work through getting online yourself.  If you get locked out, you can contact the Information Systems Service Desk.

Q: How much time lapses before I am automatically logged off due to inactivity?
Twenty minutes.

Q: Where do I go for more information?
A: Look for more updates in Webster Today and on this webpage.  If you have any questions, send an email to mywebster@webster.edu

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The My Time Module

Q: What is an employee’s responsibility in My Time – the Time & Attendance module?
As an hourly student, hourly staff or salaried staff employee accessing the time & attendance module, you are expected to maintain and approve your worked and non-worked time, as appropriate, based on your expected work schedule. Exceptions to the schedule should be pre-approved by your supervisor. Any errors should be addressed as quickly as possible and within the pay period, preferably before the timecard is approved.

The My Time Module - For Salaried Employees

Q: Do salaried employees now track their worked time?
A: No. My Time will be used for a salaried employee to track time away from work, either benefit time or for professional development.  This will be time tracked against a standard schedule, but it is only used to process time away from the office, such as vacation time, sick leave or personal day(s). 

Q: Why does my salaried schedule show a meal break? 
A: While we do not actually track time for salaried employees as they are paid a salary regardless of hours they work, a typical full-time schedule would still include a meal break and we do encourage our salaried employees to take time away briefly to get refreshed during their day. 

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The My Time Module - For Hourly Employees

Q: What do I do if I am unable to timestamp due to computer or other accessibility issues? 
If your computer is routinely or frequently not performing as needed, make your supervisor aware and contact the Information Systems Service Desk and place a work order.  If you are unable to timestamp because you are at an off-site meeting that does not have access to the Internet, you need to report your time to your supervisor as soon as possible directly following your work.

Q: What happens if I have a missing timestamp?
You should send an email to your supervisor with the missing time.  They will then update your timecard with this information or authorize their designee to make the update. 

Q: How will rounding affect my start time?  Will I be penalized if I cannot stamp in due to technology issues?
The system is set up to round to the quarter hour using a seven-minute grace period on either side of the quarter hour.  If, for example, you timestamp in at 8:37 a.m., your rounded start time would be 8:30am.  If you timestamp out at 4:38 p.m., it will round to 4:45 p.m.   If you are unable to timestamp due to technology issues and you know it will indicate that you are late, though you reported to work on time, once you have access, do NOT timestamp.  Send an email to your supervisor with the time you started work so that your time can be entered manually. Additionally, send a request to Information Systems Service Desk to provide support to address the time it is taking to bring your system online.  

Q: Why do some say overtime is over 37.5 hours and others it’s over 40 hours?
A: Hourly employees have an established schedule that is based on your budgeted and approved standard hours.  Working beyond these approved hours is sometimes termed “overtime” because you may be paid more than the budget allowed.  However, according to the federal Wage & Hour law, Webster is required to pay you time and half your rate if you work more than 40 hours in a workweek.  Additional state laws may require additional considerations.  See the Fair Labor Standards Act & Overtime policy.

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The My Time Module - For Salaried & Hourly Employees

Q: What if I have an unexpected absence?
Contact your supervisor as soon as possible.  The supervisor will authorize an update to your timecard consistent with your absence (sick, vacation or personal day).

Q: How much time can I request off?  
15 minute increments for hourly employees; a full day for salaried employees.

Q: What if I forget to log my professional development?
No problem.  If you’re hourly let your supervisor know the start and end time of this activity.  If you are salaried, you will be able to add this time yourself into your project view timecard.

Q: What if I approved my timecard but I work another day in the pay period?
If this happens, open your timecard and confirm you are in the Current Pay Period.  Under the Approval menu, you can remove the approval.  Once you have finished the last day worked in the pay period, re-approve the timecard.

Q: What happens if I do not approve my timecard (absence, forgot, etc.)?
If this happens, your manager should note this and follow up with you to approve before s/he approves the card. However, note that ultimately, any time that is in the timecard will be processed even should your approval be missing.  By policy, however, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring your time is accurately reflected.  If time was missed, you would have to submit this for approval for pay in the next pay period.

Q: Why do I see “Employee Spotlight Award” and “Merit Bonus Day” in my accrual profile?
This shows categories of time that you may be awarded, but you would only use them if time was awarded there.

Q: Is there ever a time when I should “Remove Approval” from my timecard?
Yes.  If you are an hourly employee and you work another shift after your approval, you should first remove your previous approval and then you will be able to timestamp to record your time worked.  If salaried, it would be because you missed reporting time away that you had during the last pay period. 

Q: When do I need to submit a Time Off Request (TOR)?
TORs should be submitted as soon as possible in advance of the day off.

Q: What if my supervisor is away and is unable to approve time off or edit my timecard correction?
Your supervisor will be able to designate another to support this process in their absence.  From a timing standpoint, the time off request needs to be approved before the day off and any updates to your timecard need to be made within the pay period.  So, many times, a day or two will not be an impact. 

Q: What are the deadlines for employees and their supervisors to approve their time?
Hourly employees should approve their timecard for the pay period at the end of last shift of the pay period.  Managers then have until 10 a.m. on Monday of the pay week to approve. 

    • Salaried employees should approve their time card the day after the semi-monthly pay period ends.  For example, for the pay period January 1 through 15, you are paid on the 15th.  You would then approve your exception time for that period on the 16th.  Managers would then follow up with their approval two days after the end of the previous pay period, or the 17th. This step will be done regardless of whether you have non-worked time to report or not – the point is for you to attest to the status of your non-worked time each period. In both cases, a notification will be sent if a step is missed, but we strongly encourage you to get into the habit of approving based on these timelines.

Q: Will I have to request holiday time off through the Time Off Request process?
No, the Webster University holidays are already included in My Time and will be reflected close to the holiday as paid based on your schedule. 

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Q: Where will I receive my pay?
A: You can sign up for direct deposit so that your pay will be directed to your bank account.  Pay is viewable online through your “Pay and Taxes” tab on My Webster by clicking “Pay Statements”.  If you choose to receive a check, it will be sent to your address on record.

Q: How many direct deposit accounts may I have?
 You may have up to eight direct deposit accounts (e.g., 4 checking and 4 savings).

Q: How long will my Annual Statements/W-2s be available?
A: Your Annual Statements (W-2s) will be available for three years.

Q: When will my direct deposit request be effective?
A: It takes one pay cycle to process direct deposit requests. Your next paycheck should be a direct deposit.

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Q: What types of changes should I make on My Webster Employee Self Service?  
A: You will be able to make many changes yourselves.  In the Pay & Taxes, you will be able to change your tax withholdings and direct deposits.  In the Personal Information, you’ll change your address and home phone and create and maintain an emergency contact.  If benefit eligible, you will be able to access Health & Welfare starting in January and add a change in family status, enroll in benefits, maintain information on your dependents and add and maintain beneficiaries.

Q. How long will it take for my address to be reflected in my profile?
The correction or update will be immediate. However, if you moved to a new state, your updated address will undergo an approval process to ensure state tax withholdings are properly withheld.

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For Student Employees

Q: Can I direct some of my pay to my student account?
A: Yes, you will be able to add, change or delete a student payroll deduction through My Webster.  Go to the “Pay and Taxes” tab and view this option under “General Deductions."

Q: What if I forget to transfer to my non-primary position?
A: You should send an email to the supervisor of your primary position so that they can make the update. You will need to let them know your additional position department, supervisor name and which position. 

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