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Workplace Safety


Campus Violence and Weapons

Webster University seeks to provide for the safety of students faculty, staff and visitors and our buildings and property by eliminating or reducing threats of violence in our Webster learning, living and working environments. The University is committed to maintaining learning, living and working environments free from dangerous weapons, violence and/or threats of violence.

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Accidents on the Job

An employee who suffers any injury on the job must report it at once to his or her supervisor. Within 24 hours, Health Services, Public Safety, or Human Resources must be notified and an accident report form completed. Please click here for the accident report form. If the injury is certified by the doctor as constituting a Workers' Compensation case, the employee must fill out designated forms in order to be paid benefits under the Workers Compensation Law.


Drug Free Workplace

Webster University provides a drug-free workplace and operates within the guideline set forth in the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988. Information about these guidelines may be obtained from the Human Resources Office.


Theft or Damage

Employees are expected to take proper steps to protect personal and University property from theft and damage by locking offices and other work areas when there is no one present, and by taking care of supplies and equipment. If theft or damage does occur, employees are expected to report it to their supervisor and to the Public Safety Office. 


Closure Due to Weather & Other Causes

When circumstances warrant and/or at the discretion of the Administration, the University may be closed due to bad weather or other reasons such as a government holiday which causes closing of an education center on a military base. If possible, bad weather or other emergency closings will be announced on local radio and television stations as well as Public Safety communication alerts and emergency alerts via “Webster Alerts”.  All employees are strongly encouraged to sign up through the following link for Webster Alerts.

In case of snow, the term "snow schedule" means employees should report to work at 10 a.m. Facilities Operations and Public Safety employees required to work during approved closure due to snow will be paid time and a half their regular rate of pay in addition to regular pay resulting from the closure.

Closure pay is based upon the employee's authorized working day. Employees will receive their regular pay based on their standard schedule during periods when the University is officially closed. Employees who are on sick leave or vacation at a time when the University is closed will not receive closure pay.  Hourly (non-exempt) employees specifically instructed by supervisors to work on a closure day will receive pay for hours worked plus regular pay for their normally scheduled hours. 

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