International Distinction Award

Students who successfully complete all of their requirements for their bachelor's degree and satisfy three core components of international education (second language proficiency, at least one term of study abroad and an international field work/internship) will have their bachelor's degree awarded with 'International Distinction.'  The 'International Distinction' designation is annotated on both the student's diploma and official transcript. 

Required Core Components:

I.        Second Language Proficiency

Students must reach a level of second language proficiency in a language other than English.  Second language proficiency may be demonstrated by any of the following:

Completion of secondary school in which the language of instruction was a language other than English

Completion of at least one language course (other than English) at or above the 3000-level with a grade of C or higher

“Intermediate-High” proficiency on the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) which is administered by Language Testing International

 II.      Study Abroad

Students must study abroad at least one term as a full-time student at one of Webster’s campuses, an affiliated partner institution abroad, or an approved study abroad program.

III.    International Field Work/Internship

Students must have a significant, practical international field experience in a country other than their native country.  Students must complete at least 21 hours of international field work/internship hours over one term.  This experience may include: 

Paid or unpaid internship that provides the student practical and professional experience related to his/her major;

Community service at a recognized agency or organization;

Artistic, scholarly, and other research activities (under the direction of a faculty member) that result in a significant research project; and

Class-field experiences that provide direct interaction and engagement with the material and/or people in the country. 


I.        Application

To apply for International Distinction, students are required to submit the following to Allison Scheuler in the Office of Academic Affairs at

Documentation of their second language proficiency.

Documentation of their study abroad location (this location appears on the student’s transcript).

A detailed description of their field work experience consisting of:

What they accomplished during this experience;

The total number of international field work experience hours; and

A letter of support from their field work experience supervisor.

All applications are due by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 31, 2017.

 II.      Application Review and Awarding of International Distinction

Student applications will be reviewed in early April 2017.   Students must have submitted their petition to graduate; in addition, all three of their international education components must be completed or in progress before the International Distinction Award can be awarded.  The International Distinction Award designation is annotated on both the student's diploma and official transcript.  

If you have any questions, contact Allison Scheuler in the Office of Academic Affairs at