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USDE Title VI-A Grant Information

Need for and prospective results of the proposed program:

Creation of the International Studies Major


Colleges and Universities across the United States are internationalizing their curricula and campuses to prepare students to live and work in a global context. Professional organizations including the American Council on Education (Internationalizing the undergraduate curriculum: A handbook for campus leaders, Pickert and Turlington, 1992) and the American Association of Colleges (Beyond Borders: Profiles in International Education, Johnston and Edelstein, 1993) challenge institutions of higher education to find creative and effective ways to internationalize their curricula and programs.

The RAND Institute research project Global Preparedness and Human Resources: College and Corporate Perspectives, (Bikson and law, 1994), found that both corporate and college participants identified the ability to utilize knowledge about other cultures as necessary for people to live and work productively. Funding of this Title VI-A application will enable Webster University to make significant improvements to its international studies and foreign language programs to meet those student needs. The International Studies Major will fill several curricular and programmatic needs at Webster University by creating an opportunity for undergraduate students to earn a bachelor's degree in International Studies.

Grant Participants

Name Course Credit Hours Creation/Revision Area
V. Braxs Immersion Weekend-Argentina 1 C FLAC
K. Corley Brazilian Culture through Film & Music 3 C LA
G. Corvalan Current Issues in Latin America 3 C LA
G. Corvalan Immersion Weekend-Mexico 1 C FLAC
L. Demaria Freshman Seminar: Latinos in the US- "Charlas de Cafe" 3 C FLAC
M. Hulsizer Prejudice and Discrimination 3 R HR
A. MacNeill Human Rights and Business 3 C HR
K. Moore Encounters, changes and Exchanges:1492 and its Consequences 1 C FLAC
K. Pease Human Rights and International Law 3 C HR
A. Sandler Human Rights in Film 3 R HR
J. Walsh Twentieth Century Latin America 3 C LA
L. Woolf Genocide 3 R HR
M. Wright Sustainable Ecologies 3 R HR