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Webster University requires that Research Ethics Training must be completed by all individuals who are conducting research involving human subjects.  This includes not only the Principal Investigator, but anyone who will be in contact with human participants or their data, including the faculty supervisor (if the Principal Investigator is a student).

The purpose of research ethics training is to ensure that all regulatory and ethical factors are known and considered by all researchers, ensuring the highest standards in human subject protection.

The preferred training course* is administered via the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) and includes modules on human subjects research and biomedical research ethics.  Once you have completed the training course, you will need to send proof of completion (Completion Report) to  The certificate is valid for three years from the date of completion.  IRB applications will not be reviewed before Completion Reports are on file for all researchers and, if necessary, all faculty supervisors. 

(* If you have completed this or other training at a different institution, you may submit this certificate in place of completing the CITI training at this time.  Again, the certificate is valid for three years from date of completion.)

Instructions for accessing the CITI training modules:

University researchers should first visit the CITI website ( to initially register. Click on Register in the right hand corner.

This should take you to the Learner Registration page. On this page, please do the following:

Under Select your Organization Affiliation type in Webster and Webster University will come up on the drop down menu. Select Webster University.

o   DO NOT register as an Independent Learner.

·      Agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy.

·      Affirm that you are affiliated with Webster.

·      Click on Continue to Create your Username/Password.

o   This will then initiate the remaining steps of the registration process.

·      Once registered, you should be directed to the Webster University page, which will pose several questions.

The first question will ask you to select the appropriate Learner Group(s) that best describes your research activities. There are three possible Learner Groups, which are listed below. We have included a sample of departments for your convenience, though please note that this list is not exhaustive. CITI users should select the Learner Group(s) most appropriate to the type of research they conduct.

o   Biomedical Research Investigators (e.g., Nursing, Nurse Anesthesia, and Biological Sciences).

o   Social & Behavioral Research Investigators (e.g., Anthropology, Psychology, and Economics).

o   IRB Members

You will then have the option to select various courses. Select the questions that are most appropriate to the type of research you conduct and your role(s). Note that each course you select will load additional courses into your profile.

·      Once you have selected the courses, you can begin the modules.

Note: If you are already a CITI member:

·      Login on the far right hand side of the CITI homepage.

·      Click the tab for Webster University Courses, then click “click here” to add a course, which should take you to the menu of the basic courses.

·      If you took courses through another institution then follow the Affiliate with another Institution instructions.

All Webster University faculty, students, and staff conducting human subjects or biomedical research will need to have a record of their research compliance on file prior to conducting any research.

We understand that the new system will be accompanied by a learning curve. If you have any questions about CITI, please contact or Please direct IRB-related questions to Mary Preuss ( or Eric Goedereis (ericgoedereis18@