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For Students Admitted to Saint Louis Campuses

Housing Requirement

Undergraduate: All first-time undergraduate international students attending classes at any of the St. Louis area campuses (Webster Groves, Downtown, Winghaven, or Westport) are required to live in on-campus housing at the main campus in Webster Groves.

Study Abroad: Any student from a Webster campus outside the United States who chooses to study abroad in any of the St. Louis metro campuses is required to live on-campus at the Webster Groves campus for the duration of his or her study abroad experience.

Housing Exemption

Graduate students are exempt from the housing requirement, if their service location is a St. Louis campus.

  • This does not include graduate students studying abroad during a degree program with a service location outside the United States.

Other Exemption: Any other student seeking an exemption from the housing requirement must submit the Request for Exemption from Housing Requirement Form along with any supporting documents to the Office of Housing and Residential Life. For additional information, please contact the Office of Housing and Residential Life at housing@webster.edu. A student will receive a written notification from the Office of Housing and Residential Life whether his or her exemption request has been approved or denied.

Exemptions that require a request:

  • Married students
  • Students with dependent children
  • Undergraduate students who will turn 26 during their first year of studies in St. Louis
  • Any other reason

Application Deadline

International students applying for on-campus housing are strongly encouraged to apply by March 1 for the Fall semester and October 1 for Spring semester to maximize placement in their top housing options. Due to high demand, housing is not guaranteed, even if applications are received by these dates. Applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received.

Application for Housing

Before you begin your application for housing, you need to know your Candidate Login account. This is given to you from the Admissions Office at the time you submitted your admission application to Webster University. If you have not received this account or do not remember it, please contact the Office of Admissions by phone at 314-246-7800 or by email at admit@webster.edu. If you have activated your account but are still having issues (such as a forgotten password), please contact the IT Support Desk at 314-246-5995. To apply for campus housing, please complete the online Campus Housing Application and send your Housing Deposit by check, credit card, money order or wire transfer.

For Students Admitted to Other U.S. Campuses

Arrange For Housing Before your Arrival

Please note that the Webster University campus you are going to, does not provide student housing or assistance to international students in finding housing. It is your responsibility to find off-campus housing. While it may be difficult to find housing in advance of relocating to your campus location in the United States, we recommend that you start looking for housing before your arrival. You may want to consider traveling to the city where your campus is located early in order to find a place to live at before school begins. Please note, you can enter the U.S. up to 30 days before school begins.

Temporary Housing

Since it is a daunting task to find off-campus housing when seeking housing from overseas, we recommend you to secure a temporary housing and arrive early (no longer than 30 days from start of classes).

Housing Lease

Security Deposit: You will be required to deposit a certain amount of money called “security deposit” usually equal to the monthly rent. The security deposit is refundable if you don’t leave any damage in the apartment or house you rented. If you leave damage in the house or apartment, some or all of your security deposit will be withheld.

Most of the time, you will be required to sign a lease. This is a binding legal contract between the tenant (you) and the landlord (property owner). Read everything carefully before you sign your name to the least. There are two kinds of leases:

1. Month-to-month Lease

This is a contract for one month at a time. The property owner can raise the rent, alter, or terminate the agreement at the end of any rental month, provided that proper notice is given. A month-to-month lease allows the tenant to easily terminate the contract if proper notice is given.

2. Term Lease (6 months or One Year Lease)

This provides more protection for the tenant against rent increases or changes to the contract. Provided you don’t breach your contract, the landlord is obligated to rent to you for the length of time, under the conditions, and for the rent amount outlined in the lease. However, it is not as easy to terminate the term lease.

There are a number of things you need to consider when choosing a place to live at, namely:

  • Location: (Where, Is the area safe? Can I get to grocery store, laundromat or shopping area conveniently by bus or bicycle?).
  • Proximity: (How close is the house or apartment to campus? Can I get to campus easily?
  • Transportation: (What is the nearest public transportation? How close is it to the house/apartment? How often does the bus service/train run during the week, weekends, evenings, and summer?).
  • Rental: (How much is the monthly rent? Where and when must this paid? What utilities do I have to pay for? etc.).

You need a place to live at for the first few days or weeks before you find a permanent place to live. You can rent an hotel, a hostel, or a bed and breakfast room.