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Study Abroad and Site Transfer Students

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This section is mainly intended for the following individuals:

  • Current or previous Webster students from our international campuses who intend to study abroad or transfer to another Webster campus in the United States.
  • Current or previous Webster students from our international campuses who want to switch to online.
  • Current international students at Webster U.S. Campuses who want to transfer to another Webster U.S. campus or Webster international campus.
  • Staff and faculty members (i.e. study abroad administrators, academic advisors, student services representative, academic directors etc.) who play important roles in assisting students to study abroad or transfer to other Webster campuses.

If you a current Webster University student at one of our U.S. campuses who wants to study abroad at a Webster University international campus or at an international exchange partner campus, please visit the Office of Study Abroad website for detail information regarding the application process.

To understand this section, you need to understand the following definitions as used on this website:

Study Abroad Students

A study abroad student, is a current Webster student who moves  from his or her Webster home campus in one country to pursue his or her studies at another Webster campus in another country (e.g. Vienna, Austria to St. Louis, United States, or Geneva, Switzerland to Thailand etc.) and plans to return to his or her home campus abroad thereafter. Undergraduate students can remain as study abroad students for 5-eight week terms (or one academic year); graduate students for two consecutive terms.

Study abroad students pay the tuition rate for the home campus where they began their studies.

Students can study abroad throughout the year during Fall 1, Fall 2, Spring 1, Spring 2 or Summer terms.

Site Transfer Students 

A site transfer student is a Webster student who relocates from one Webster campus to another to complete his or her studies. This includes: 

  • A student who began studies at a physical campus location who now applies to study only online
  • Any student who initially began as a study abroad student and now decides to remain at the second campus to complete his or her studies 

Site transfer students pay the local tuition rate at the new campus they have relocated to for traditional classroom courses. Online students are always subject to the online rate.  

Site transfer students can ONLY transfer in Fall 1, Spring 1 or Summer terms. They are NOT permitted to transfer in Spring 2 or Fall 2 terms.


To be eligible to participate in site transfer or study abroad, students must meet the following criteria:

Undergraduate Students

At the time of participation, undergraduate applicants must have met the following criteria:

  • Be degree-seeking students
  • Have earned 15 Semester Credit Hours at Webster University.
  • Be in good academic standing (i.e. has 2.0 GPA and not on academic warning or probation)
  • Be in good social standing (not on disciplinary probation or suspension)
  • Be in good financial standing (no balance owed to the current campus)
  • Have met English language proficiency requirements

Graduate Students

At the time of participation, graduate applicants must have met the following criteria:

  • Be degree-seeking students
  • Have earned 9 Semester Credit Hours at Webster University.
  • Be in good academic standing (3.0 GPA and not on academic warning or probation)
  • Be in good social standing (not on disciplinary probation or suspension)
  • Be in good financial standing (no balance owed to the current campus)
  • Have met English language proficiency requirements

Application Deadlines

Students are advised to submit application for study abroad or site transfer to their campus representatives well ahead of the following deadlines to ensure maximum consideration. Applications submitted after these deadlines will be denied.

Semester Deadline
Summer February 15
Fall March 15
Spring September 15

How to Apply

Before submitting your application for site transfer or study abroad, you are required to meet with your academic advisor and/or study abroad coordinator. Your complete application must be turned into International Services and/or the Academic Advising Office by your academic advisor or study abroad coordinator by the application deadline. Applications will be reviewed as soon as possible, but may take up to two weeks from the time the applications are submitted. Incomplete and late applications will not be accepted.

Where to Submit Your Application

A study abroad and site transfer student coming to a U.S. campus must submit “Study Abroad or Site Transfer Application” to his or her home campus. Your home campus representative will in turn forward your application to International Recruitment and International Services and/or Academic Advising in St. Louis for approval.

Application Requirements

It is important that you follow this “Checklist” to complete your application. The following forms and documents are required. 

Financial Document Requirement - Bank Letter/Bank Statement

The United States Government mandates that we verify international students have the financial resources to enroll at Webster in the U.S. During the enrollment process, you will be required to demonstrate available monetary resources that are sufficient to cover your first year of educational and living expenses in the United States. For the academic year 2015-2016, students and/or their sponsor(s) will need to provide proof of funds equal to approximately US $40,959 for undergraduate students or US $32,809 for graduate students. Please note that although you are initially required to document resources sufficient to cover your first academic year’s (nine months) expenses, you will also need to provide support for all expenses associated with your study for the remainder of your degree program if you are a site transfer.

To complete the initial immigration process, you will need two original certified official bank letters demonstrating you have sufficient financial resources to enroll at Webster. One original certified bank letter must be provided to Webster before we can issue you the Form I-20. The second original certified bank letter should be presented when you apply for your student visa through a U.S. embassy or consulate. Check with the local U.S. embassy to determine the type of financial documents they require. However, we have found that the following guidelines are commonly acceptable.

An official certified bank letter should:

  • Be printed on original bank letterhead paper of the issuing financial institution.
  • Be dated no more than six months before the commencement of your study abroad or site transfer (see chart below)
  • Include the name, title, and original signature of the bank officer
  • List you, the student, by name, especially if the bank account is in the name of another individual (for example, parents or a sponsoring agency)
  • State that the account holder will be responsible for your educational expenses at Webster University

Acceptable Financial Documents

The certification of finances must be officially translated into English and should show liquid or easily accessible funds. The following are acceptable financial documents: 

  • Official bank statement(s) on bank letterhead issued directly from a bank showing the most current monthly statement with an ending balance. If the official bank statement(s) is/are from parents or sponsor it/they must be accompanied by a signed sponsor letter. Click on Sample Sponsor's Letteto view a sample.
  • Bank letter signed by a bank official stating you have sufficient funds in the bank. To view a sample, please click on Sample Bank Letter.
  • Signed official letter of approved loans
  • Government or other agencies’ scholarship letters stating either the full amount and/or items covered and the duration of the award.