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10407 Centurion Parkway North, Suite 210, Jacksonville, FL 32256
Phone (904) 268-3037, Fax (904) 262-1459 |

Jacksonville Naval Air Station (NAS)

Building 110, Yorktown Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32212
Phone (904) 779-7124, Fax (904) 779-1247 |
Please mail all correspondence to the Jacksonville Metro Campus address)


Jacksonville NAS Base Access

1. Review the following base access instructions file: Download instructions

2. Fill out the following forms and email to Lisa Maier at


Cristina Echeverry

Dr. Cristina Echeverry, Director

Sharon Murchison

Sharon Murchison, Office Manager

Sharon Phillips
Sharon Phillips, Advisor (JACK)                                                                             

Shawna Grant
Shawna Grant, Counseling Coordinator


Jennifer Jamison

Jennifer Jamison, Recruitment Coordinator

Patrice McClendon
Patrice McClendon, Faculty Coordinator

Sharon Phillips
Lisa Maier, Advisor (NAS)