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10407 Centurion Parkway North, Suite 210, Jacksonville, FL 32256
Phone (904) 268-3037, Fax (904) 262-1459 |

Jacksonville Naval Air Station (NAS)

Building 110, Yorktown Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32212
Phone (904) 779-7124, Fax (904) 779-1247 |
Please mail all correspondence to the Jacksonville Metro Campus address)


Jacksonville NAS Base Access

1. Review the following base access instructions file: Download instructions

2. Fill out the following forms and email to Marsha Delaney-Thomas at:


Cristina Echeverry
Dr. Cristina Echeverry, Director

Sharon Phillips
Sharon Phillips, Academic Advisor

Sharon Phillips
Lisa Maier, Recruitment Coordinator 

Marsha Delaney-Thomas
Marsha Delaney-Thomas, Coordinator

Patrice McClendon, Faculty Coordinator