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Kansas City: Schedules and Syllabi

2014: Fall 02 Term

Important Dates:

COUN/MBA/MHA/HRDV/HRMG/FINC/MNGT:  October 20th through December 19th

BSN/MSN/BA/EDIN/MET/TESL:  October 27th through December 19th

Observed Holidays: Thanksgiving (November 27th - 30th) - Campus is Closed


Counseling Program

Course Sec Instructor Title Day Time
COUN 5100 KC Gene Chavez Social and Cultural Foundations of Counseling Thurs 5:30-9:30
COUN 5140 KC  Sam Elashkar   Psychopharmacology Tues  5:30-9:30
COUN 5150 KC Karyn Bentley Psychopathology Wed  5:30-9:30
COUN 5220 KC  Kathryn Brewer  Assessment  Tues  5:30-9:30
COUN 5700  KC  Jerry Touslee  Lifestyle and Career Development  Thurs  5:30-9:30
COUN 6500  KC  Kathryn Brewer  Counseling Internship  Mon 



Education Programs

Education Courses Book List

Course Sec Instructor Description Day Time
EDTC 5070  24  Mark Long  Desktop Publishing for Educators  Tues  5:00-7:00
EDTC 5334  24  Eric Flack  Constructivism and Technology  Mon  5:00-9:00
EDUC 5001  24  Monica Nance  Foundations of Global Citizenship  Wed  5:00-9:00
MTHC 5340  24  Julie Kubiak Topics in Math: Math Manipulatives K-8  TBD  5:00-9:00
TESL 5030  24/EL  LeeAnn Thomas  Language History, Planning and Policy  Wed  5:00-9:00
TESL 5040  24/EL  Alicia Miguel  Practicum in ESOL  Tues  5:00-9:00
TESL 5230  24/E1  Kimberley Kreicher  Second Language Acquisition  Thurs  5:00-9:00


Nursing Programs

Course Sec Instructor Description Day Time
NURN 5420 30 Bob Spaniol Financial Issues for Nurse Leaders Thurs 5:30-9:30
NURS 3030  30  Regina Stanke  Communication and Information Literacy  Tues  5:30-9:30
NURS 3400  30  Kathleen Bennett  Health Education in Nursing Practice  Wed  5:30-9:30
NURS 4060  30  Pat Winberg  Gerontology  Mon  5:30-9:30
NURS 4250  30  Karen Lea  Community Health Nursing  Tues  5:30-9:30


Undergraduate SBT Program

Course Sec Instructor Description Day Time
MNGT 3400  KC  Steve Basinger  Human Resources Management  Mon  5:30-9:30
MNGT 3820  KC  Vince Vandehaar  Healthcare Administration  Mon  5:30-9:30


Graduate SBT Programs 

Course Sec Instructor Description Day Time
BUSN 5200 KC John Chladek Basic Finance for Managers Tues 5:30-9:30
BUSN 5620  KC  Mark Karscig  Current Economic Analysis  Mon  5:30-9:30
BUSN 5760 KC  Mike Anderson  Applied Business Statistics  Mon  5:30-9:30
BUSN 6070  KC  Mario Urquilla  Management Accounting  Tues  5:30-9:30
BUSN 6200  KC  Scott Strickland  Strategy and Competition  Mon  5:30-9:30
FINC 5880  KC  Darin Kamradt  Advanced Corporate Finance  Thurs  5:30-9:30
HLTH 5020  KC  Vince Vandehaar  Organizational Planning and Change in Health Administration  Mon  5:30-9:30
HLTH 5040  KC  Kent McGeeney  Human Resource Management in Health Administration  Wed  5:30-9:30
HLTH 5070  KC  Tim Vonderbrink  Financial Analysis in Health Administration  Thurs  5:30-9:30
HLTH 6000  KC  Vince Vandehaar  Integrated Studies  Tues  5:30-9:30
HRDV 5630  KC  Marchita Stanton  Organization Development and Change  Mon  5:30-9:30
HRDV 5710 KC Sandra Campbell Diversity in the Workplace Thurs 5:30-9:30
HRDV 6000 KC Craig Peterson Integrated Studies Mon 5:30-9:30
HRMG 6000 KC Craig Peterson Integrated Studies Mon 5:30-9:30
MNGT 5590 KC Oliver London Organizational Behavior Thurs 5:30-9:30
MNGT 5650 KC Gary Cook Management and Strategy Wed 5:30-9:30
MNGT 6000 KC Craig Peterson Integrated Studies Mon 5:30-9:30
MRKT 5800 KC Sally Williams Sales Management Thurs 5:30-9:30
MRKT 5960 KC Sally Williams Marketing Management Wed 5:30-9:30