Kansas City: Spring 1, 2018 Schedule | Webster University

Kansas City: Spring 1, 2018 Schedule

Important Dates:


BSN/MSN/BA/EDIN/MET/TESL: January 15 - March 9

Observed Holidays: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 15.

Textbook Information

Counseling Program

Course Sec Instructor Title Day Time Room
COUN 5020  KC Gene Chavez  Foundations of Counseling: The Helping Relationship  Mon 5:30-9:30   TBA
COUN 5050 KC Katie Vena Human Growth and Development Wed 5:30-9:30 TBA
COUN 5160 KC Jerry Touslee Issues in Counseling Tues 5:30-9:30 TBA
COUN 5800 KC STAFF Professional Orientation and Ethical Practice Thurs 5:30-9:30 TBA
COUN 5850 KC Angela Schubert Research and Program Evaluation Tues 5:30-9:30 TBA
COUN 6100 KC Ron Frigault Counseling Learning Practicum I Mon 5:30-9:30 TBA
COUN 6500 KC Julie Plunkett Internship Mon 5:30-9:30 TBA


Education Programs

Course Sec Instructor Description Day Time Room
EDIN 5840 23 STAFF Innovations in Learning Systems: Global Perspective Wed 5:00-9:00 TBA


Undergraduate SBT Programs

Course Sec Instructor Description Day Time Room
Bill Yeager KC STAFF Marketing (xlist MRKT 5000) Thurs 5:30-9:30 TBA


Graduate SBT Programs

Course Sec Instructor Description Day Time Room
BUSN 5600 KC Cynthia Freeman Accounting Wed 5:30-9:30 TBA
BUSN 5680 KC Scott Strickland Issues in Business: Team Dynamics    Mon 5:30-9:30 TBA
BUSN 6110 KC Shahla Nikravan Operations and Project Management Tues 5:30-9:30 TBA
CSSS 5210 KC Keith Smith Cybersecurity Law and Policy Tues 6:00-9:00 TBA
FINC 5000 KC Mario Urquilla Finance Wed 5:30-9:30 TBA
HLTH 5000 KC Justin Villiness Organization and Management in Health Admin Mon 5:30-9:30 TBA
HLTH 5040 KC Christy Milroy Human Resource Management in Hlth Administration Thurs 5:30-9:30 TBA
HLTH 5050 KC  Tim Vonderbrink Finanical Management in Health Administration  Tues 5:30-9:30  TBA
HLTH 5140 KC Debby Jackson Health Administration Law  Wed 5:30-9:30  TBA
HRMG 5000 KC Lisa Moss Managing Human Resources Thurs 5:30-9:30  TBA
HRMG 5700 KC David Porter Employment Law Tues 5:30-9:30  TBA
MNGT 5990 KC Shoula Horing Corporate Responsibility and Society Mon 5:30-9:30 TBA
MRKT 5000 KC Bill Yeager Marketing (xlist MNGT 3500) Thurs 5:30-9:30 TBA