Course Schedule Fall 1, 2020 | Kansas City | Webster University

Kansas City: Fall 1, 2020 Schedule

Term:  August 17, 2020 – October 16, 2020

Term:  August 24, 2020 – October 16, 2020

Important Dates:

April 13, 2020:  Registration begins for Fall 2020 classes
August 14, 2020:  ^Final day to register for Fall 1 online classes^
August 14, 2020:  First day to log into Fall 1 online classes
August 17, 2020:  Fall 1 Graduate classes start
August 21, 2020:  Fall 1 drop deadline
September 7, 2020:  Labor Day Holiday (Campus closed, no classes)
September 25, 2020:  Fall 1 withdrawal deadline
October 16, 2020:  Fall 1 classes end
October 16, 2020:  ^Final day to register for Fall 2 online classes^
October 23, 2020:  Fall 1 grades due from Faculty
October 26, 2020:  Registration begins for Spring 2021 classes

^Late registration is allowed during the first week for some online classes; contact the Online Learning Center for more information.

Syllabi will be available in WorldClassRoom the Friday before the term starts

Textbook information can be found at the below link. The Division is the campus (KANS or Online). The Department is the prefix of the course (BUSN, COUN, CYBR, HLTH, HRDV, HRMG, and MNGT).  Then select your course and section.

Schedule is Subject to Change

Course Sec Title Instructor Room
BUSN 5000 KC Business
 (LTRK host WN+ w/KANS & LRAF)
Dametrice Anderson WebNet+
BUSN 6110 KC Operations and Project Management
(KANS host WN+ w/PETR)
Elton Norman 108
BUSN 6120 KC Managerial Economics
(COLM host WebNet+)
Geoge Flemming WebNet+
COUN 6100 KC Counseling Learning Practicum I  Ron Frigault  WebNet+
COUN 6500 KC Counseling Internship Karyn Bentley WebNet+
COUN 5160 KC Counseling in an Era of Social Distancing (KANS host WN+ w/WEBG) Karyn Bentley  WebNet+
HLTH 5000 KC Organization and Management in Health Administration
Vince Vandehaar  105
MBA 5010 KN Value Creation
(COLO host WN+)
Arthur Rochette WebNet+
MBA 5020 KC  Quantitative Methods
(WEBG host WN+ w/KANS)
William Liccione WebNet+
BUSN 5760 KC Applied Business Statistics
(KANS host WN+ w/COLO)
Carol Bogacz WebNet+
COUN 5020 KC Foundations in Counseling Michael Patterson WebNet+ 
COUN 5540 KC Family Systems Theory
(ROLLA host WN+ w/KANS)
Mary Beth Meyers WebNet+
CSSS 5000 KC Introduction to Cybersecurity
(KANS host WN+ w/COLO)
Dr. Cheryl Cooper WebNet+
HLTH 5140 KC Health Adminstration Law
(KANS host WN+ w/RLLA & LTRK)
Debby Jackson 105
HRDV 5610 KC Training and Development
(KANS host WN+ HILL)
Delisa Moss  108
HRMG 5920 KC Compensation
(COLO host WN+ w/KANS)
Ronald Burnside WebNet+
COUN 5700 KC Lifestyle and Career Ron Frigault WebNet+
FINC 5880 KC Advanced Corporate Finance  Shaun Henderson  108
HLTH 5050 KC Financial Management in Health Administration** (LTRK host WN+) Scott Howard WebNet+
MRKT 5000 KC Marketing
(LTRK host WN+)
Paul Ford WebNet+