Fall 2 2013 Syllabi

Kansas City

Links to syllabi will be posted as they become available.

Course Section Description Instructor
BUSN 5200 KC Basic Finance for Managers (lab) Darin Kamradt
BUSN 5620 KC Current Economic Analysis Fanon Cross
BUSN 6070 KC  Management Accounting (lab) John Chladek
BUSN 6200 KC Strategy and Competition (lab)  Scott Strickland
COMM 5280 23 Written Communication Jane Landes
COMM 5920 23 Teaching Reading in Content Fiels  Jane Landes
COUN 5100 KC  Social and Cultural Foundations of Counseling Gene Chavez
COUN 5150 KC Psychopathology Fred Mayfield 
COUN 5220 KC Assessment  Kathryn Brewer 
COUN 5500 KC  Seminar in COUN (E): Domestic Violence  Shirley Marshall 
COUN 5500 KN  Seminar in COUN (E): Positive Psychology Bruce Appel 
COUN 5600 KC  Techniques of Group Counseling Mike Patterson
COUN 5640 KC Marriage and Family Counseling (E)  Fred Mayfield 
COUN 5700 KC  Lifestyle and Career Development  Jerry Touslee 
COUN 6500 KC Counseling Internship Kim Shirk
ECON 2020 KC Principles of Microeconomics  Rob Curry 
EDTC 5900 23  Technology, Ethics and Society (lab) Eric Flack
EDUC 6001 23 Integrated Studies (Ed & Innov Capstone)  Gayle Bradshaw 
EPSY 5461 23 Curriculum and Creativity Eric Flack
FINC 5880 KC Advanced Corporate Finance (lab) Chris Wiley 
FINC 5880 KN Advanced Corporate Finance Steve Duffy 
FINC 6290 KC  Financial Strategies (lab) Phil Watlington
HLTH 5020 KC Org Planning and Change in Health Admin Vince Vandehaar
HLTH 5040 KC Human Resource Management in Health Admin Christy Milroy
HLTH 5070 KC  Financial Analysis in Health Administration (lab) Tim Vonderbrink
HLTH 5120 KC  Issues in Health Policy Rich Hastings
HLTH 6000 KC  Integrated Studies (xlist HRDV/HRMG/MNGT 6000) Bob Gray
HRDV 5610 KC  Training and Development  Marchita Stanton 
HRDV 5630 KC  Organization Development and Change  Marchita Stanton 
HRDV 5710 KC  Diversity in the Workplace (E)  Sandra Campbell 
HRDV 6000 KC  Integrated Studies (xlist HLTH/HRMG/MNGT 6000)  Bob Gray 
HRMG 6000 KC  Integrated Studies (xlist HLTH/HRDV/MNGT 6000)  Bob Gray 
MNGT 3400 KC  Human Resource Management  Daphne Means 
MNGT 3820 KC  Healthcare Administration  Rich Hastings 
MNGT 5590 KC  Organizational Behavior  Don King 
MNGT 5650 KC  Management and Strategy  Gary Cook 
MNGT 6000 KC  Integrated Studies (xlist HLTH/HRDV/HRMG 6000)  Bob Gray 
MRKT 5800 KC  Sales Management  Bill Yeager 
MRKT 5960 KC  Marketing Management  Sally Williams 
MRKT 6000 KC  Integrated Studies  Vince Vandehaar 
NURN 5350 30  Population Health 2  Karen Lea 
NURS 3020 30  Health Assessment  Kathleen Bennett 
NURS 3270 30  Research and Evidence-Based Practice  Nancy Crigger 
NURS 3400 31 Health Education in Nursing Practice Karen Lea
NURS 4060 30  Gerontology  Pat Winberg 
NURS 4240 30  Nursing Leadership and Management  Tandy Gabbert 
PHIL 2300 KC  Social and Political Philosophy Robert Arp 
TESL 5030 23/EL  Language History, Planning and Policy  Ann Rizzi 
TESL 5040 23/EL Practicum in ESOL Alicia Miguel
TESL 5220 23/EL  Curriculum Dev in Second Language Classrooms  Anne Sewell