May 27–July 26, 2013

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Course Sec Description Instructor Day
COUN 6000 LL Counseling and Learning Practicum Brandt Monday
COUN 5635 LL Techniques of Counseling Special Populations Zalanka Wednesday
COUN 5150 LL Psychopathology Bazini Tuesday
COUN 6500 LL Internship 3.0 cr. hr. Brandt Tuesday
COUN 6500 L2 Internship 1.5 cr. hr. Brandt Tuesday
COUN 5700 LL Lifestyle and Career Counseling Benlolo Wednesday
COUN 5850 LL Research and Evaluation Wilkinson Wednesday
COUN 5820 LL Consultation and Supervision Mewborn Thursday


Course Sec Description Instructor Day
BUSN 6120 LL Managerial Economics Patton Monday
HRMG 5920 LL Compensation Codd Tuesday
MNGT 5650 LL Management & Strategy Rios Wednesday
MNGT 5000 LL Management Drake Thursday

Weeknight classes meet from 5:30–9:30 pm

Classes are based on enrollment & final University approval

Changes to this schedule may be made without notice