List of Communities

Learning Communities

Webster University has a selection of distinct Learning Communities to choose from:


Open to first-year students with any major in the School of Communications (2 cohorts- 30 spots available)


Looking for a community where you can express your creative interests? The three classes attached to this community are sure to spark your creativity is new and interesting ways. (1 cohort- 15 spots available) 


Open to first-year students majoring in the School of Education (1 cohort- 15 spots available) 


Interested in owning your own business one day? The faculty and staff in this Learning Community will help guide you through the foundational practices of successful entrepreneurs. (1 cohort- 15 spots available) 


Are you a first generation student? Here at Webster we are here to support you through your collegiate journey and beyond. With classes geared to help you define your goals and the steps to reach them success is just around the corner. (1 cohort- 15 spots available) 


Open to first-year students who have an interest in international understanding, including but not limited to international studies, international relations and studying abroad (1 cohort- 15 spots available)


Open to first-year students who are undeclared or those who wish to understand different options with a major (2 cohorts- 30 spots available)


Would you like to work in the social justice field post graduation? With this Learning community you will discuss contemporary moral problems and dissect social movements of the past and present. (1 cohort- 15 spots available) 


Designed for students who like to challenge themselves academically.  This LC provides students the opportunity to work with a similar work-ethic. (1 cohort- 15 spots available) 


Majoring in the STEM field can open a world of opportunities. By working with learning community faculty you will have the chance to learn and experience some of those opportunities. (1 cohort- 15 spots available)