Diversity in the US Learning Community

We invite you to take part in a dynamic Learning Community as part of your first-year experience.  This is our newest Learning Community and we are excited to offer such a timely and engaging community for our students. Students selected for the Diversity in the US LC will be part of a cohesive academic and social environment that will examine constructions of identity and our places within US culture, human variation and difference, and the history and politics of a diverse America.

Students in the Diversity in the US LC will learn:

  • How to define one's identity in relation to cultural and social differences
  • How to compare their cultural identity with at least one person from a different cultural identity 
  • How to understand the impact of power and privilege on self and society

  • How to understand the interconnectedness of societies both domestic and worldwide

Diversity in the US Potential Programs:

  • North STL Girl Scouts scavenger hunt
  • City Museum trip
  • Old North STL walking tour

Diversity in the US LC Courses:

Student in each learning community must take all of the courses in a cohort.

FRSH 1200 Black Lives Matter: Where Did it Come From?

This course will look into the history of protest in the West with a view toward how enslaved people revolt in the Diaspora and protest along with exploring philosophical themes of protest and revolution. In the course, we will trace the Black Lives Matter movement through prior protest movements going back to the Peasant's Revolt of the 1300's, disputes over property ownership, the advent of Anarchism in the 1700's, the Haitian revolution of the 18th century, the Civil War in the United States, Reconstruction, The Civil Rights Movement, Black Nationalism, and the robust back-and-forth between the Occupy Movement and Black Lives Matter today. We will discuss general themes of philosophy dealing with: Violence, Protest, Revolution, Reform, Democracy, Community, Property, Ownership, etc.

Paired with:
WGST 2000: Topics in Women's Studies
MULC 2000: Topics in Multicultural Studies