Global Education Learning Community

The Global Education Learning Community provides an opportunity for students with an international interest including but not limited to, international studies, international relations and studying abroad the co-curricular support of peers, faculty and staff. This interdisciplinary program is designed to give students specialized and general global knowledge, significant international experience, and exposure to University resources that cater to international interests. This LC is for students who have and appreciate a global perspective!

Students in the Global Education LC will learn:

  • how to appreciate diversity from historical and current perspectives
  • how to take advantage of internationally focused events and   resources on campus and in the St. Louis community
  • how to think critically and reflectively about their global knowledge and understanding

Global Education Previous Programs:

During the 2013-2014 academic year the Global Education LC attended many exclusive programs together. These programs were designed by the Global Education LC faculty to enhance their classroom curriculum. These programs were free to Global Education LC students. While these programs often change from year to year, this list of programs should give you a better idea of the kinds of events you can attend with your LC.

- Festival of Nations at Tower Grove Park
- International Food Crawl at Grand Blvd.

Global Education LC Courses:

Student in each learning community must take all of the courses in a cohort

FRSH 1200 Beyond Borders: Culture and Identity

Consider an “iceberg” as a model to examine culture and identity. The tip of the iceberg is what we observe when we encounter those from other cultures. In this course, we will look below the surface of the water to examine the deep values that lie beneath. In today's world, we rarely exist in a cultural vacuum. Exposure to cultural differences and similarities can expand our horizons for understanding the scope and variety of human diversity on the planet. We will search together through the disciplines of anthropology and sociology, religious studies, history, political science, and intercultural communication to discover the many dimensions that create “culture.”

Paired with:
INTL 1500 The World System
HRTS 1100 Introduction to Human Rights