Pathways Learning Community

We invite you to take part in a dynamic Learning Community as part of your first-year experience.  You will be part of an enterprising group of new students who choose to learn together, study together, and explore options together. The students who are selected for Pathways will have the opportunity to actively engage with the Webster University community. Pathways is an ideal community for students interested in exploring potential degree programs and career possibilities. Additionally, this community will challenge your critical thinking and communication skills through interdisciplinary teaching methods.

Students in the Pathways LC will learn:

  • how to utilize campus resources and engage with the campus community
  • how to explore options for their degree program and subsequent career possibilities
  • how to evaluate personal aspirations and challenges regarding the college experience

Pathways Previous Programs:

During the 2013-2014 academic year the Pathways LC attended many exclusive programs together. These programs were designed by the Pathways LC faculty to enhance their classroom curriculum. These programs were free to Pathways LC students. While these programs often change from year to year, this list of programs should give you a better idea of the kinds of events you can attend with your LC.

- St. Louis Day Excursion
- Busch Stadium Tour
- City Museum
- Lemp Mansion followed by dinner

Pathways LC Courses:

Student in each learning community must take all of the courses in a cohort.

First Year Seminars (students will be placed in one based on application)

FRSH 1200 Smart and Happy

Here we are in college, trying to be smart, working to make ourselves happy the rest of our lives. This is a course about simple-to-implement techniques to help. How can we really be happy? Why do things that we think will make us happy leave us unfulfi lled? Are there models we can follow to make smarter decisions? Can technology help us be smart, or does it get in the way? Many authors have researched these questions and come to some surprising answers. Students will work with one another and with past Pathways students to understand the authors’ insights and techniques and to explain them to others. If the course succeeds, the students, the professor and others will be much more smarter and happier.

Paired with:
SPCM 1040 Public Speaking
EDUC 1500 University 101- Fall 1
EDUC 1510 Major Exploration and Career Development- Fall 2

FRSH 1200 Discover U: A Seminar of Self-Discovery

Who are you? And what do you want out of life? This course explores the psychology of personal awareness and fulfillment through a variety of self-assessments, (including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Self-Directed Search, a political spectrum assessment, etc.) Students will also research and analyze various self-discovery theories, and will take part in personal coaching to help discover who they really are, what they really want and how to live more effectively and fully. The semester is divided into three sections: Exploring You, Exploring Problem-Solving and Exploring Your Place in the World. The self-exploration portion of the course will allow students to refl ect on their own personal, political and spiritual beliefs and compare those to other students. The problem-solving portion of the course will include coaching to help students identify their own challenges as well as the analysis and practice of various communication techniques to better manage those challenges. In the third phase of the course, students will research the various popular self-discovery theories, present their
findings to the class and write a research paper based on that theory. Students will synthesize what they’ve learned about themselves with techniques to more effectively manage their specifi c challenges and apply those to create more effective strategies when dealing with opposing beliefs. Discover U is a challenging, enlightening, revealing, stimulating opportunity to learn more about yourself and your world.

Paired with:
PHIL 2320 Contemporary Moral Problems
EDUC 1500 University 101- Fall 1
EDUC 1510 Major Exploration and Career Development- Fall 2