Scholars Learning Community

We invite you to take part in a dynamic Learning Community as part of your first-year experience. The Scholars Learning Community appeals to students who seek an advanced application of their academic and social interests. Students selected for this learning community will have higher performance expectations in the classroom and in extracurricular commitments. This community will challenge a student's intellectual ability to reason and argue while attaining a liberal arts education.

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Students in the Scholars LC will learn:

  • how to apply connections of ideas from  interdisciplinary studies
  • how to develop interpersonal skills through inside and outside the classroom collaboration
  • how to build critical thinking and reflective thinking skills

Scholars Previous Programs:

During the 2015-2016 academic year the Scholars LC attended many exclusive programs together. These programs were designed by the Scholars LC faculty to enhance their classroom curriculum. These programs were free to Scholars LC students. While these programs often change from year to year, this list of programs should give you a better idea of the kinds of events you can attend with your LC.

- Missouri Zen Center
- City Museum trip
South Grand Avenue Food Crawl

Scholars LC Courses:

Students in each learning community must take all of the courses in a cohort.

FRSH 1200 Beginning to Commence

It's odd, isn't it, that we give out diplomas at _commencement_ exercises. Schooling is ending, but something is beginning. Smart, motivated, curious people keep learning long after that short period of schooling is over. Even as you start Webster University, your schooling is beginning to end. We will begin preparing for what commences afterward by looking at the ways you will learn about science and the fine arts from resources around campus and in the community.

Paired with:
PHIL 2080 Honors Seminar
PSYC 2000 Thinking about Thinking