Social Engagement Learning Community

We invite you to take part in a dynamic Learning Community as part of your first-year experience.  Students selected for the Social Engagement LC will be part of a cohesive academic and social environment committed to civic engagement and social activism. This community is open to any first-year student but may seem most interesting to students passionate about human rights, political science, legal studies, women's studies, or similar interdisciplinary experiences. Students in this LC are devoted and zealous about something! 

Students in the Social Engagement LC will learn:

  • how to challenge their comfort zone and engage with a diverse community of peers
  • how to analyze research and conduct research of their own
  • how to critically assess social movements and civic issues

Social Engagement Previous Programs:

During the 2013-14 academic year the Social Engagement LC attended many exclusive programs together. These programs were designed by the Social Engagement LC faculty to enhance their classroom curriculum. These programs were free to Social Engagement LC students. While these programs often change from year to year, this list of programs should give you a better idea of the kinds of events you can attend with your LC.

- Oxfam Hunger Banquet
-“To Kill a Mockingbird” at the Insight Theatre
- “Les Miserable” at the Fox Theatre in downtown St. Louis
- “Wicked” at the Fox Theatre in downtown St. Louis

Social Engagement LC Courses:

Student in each learning community must take all of the courses in a cohort.

FRSH 1200 Social Responsibility

Popular culture is full of images of social problems: crime, poverty, discrimination, urban decay, domestic violence, and more. Global political leaders discuss problems with many social institutions, such as education, the economy, and health care, that contribute to social problems. Students will explore their places of privilege and advantage, and how they can use those assets to address social problems.

Paired with:
HRTS 1100 Introduction to Human Rights
SOCI 2175Social Movements

Spring Semester
WRIT 2072 Writing for Change