Course Schedule Fall 2, 2018 | Little Rock | Webster University

Little Rock: Fall 2, 2018 Schedule

Term: October 22 - December 21, 2018

Important Dates:

***October 29, 2018: Spring 2019 Registration Begins***

October 26, 2018: Last Day to Register
November 02, 2018: Last Day to Drop
November 30, 2018: Last Day to Withdraw
December 31, 2018: Grades Due
November 12, 2018: Veteran's Day (AFB Campus Closed, Metro Campus Open)**
November 22 - 23, 2018: Thanksgiving (Campus Closed)**
**Makeup classes will be scheduled by the Professor the first week of class

Syllabi will be available in WorldClassRoom the Friday before the term starts

Textbook information can be found at the below link. The Division is the campus (LittleRock Metro, Little Rock AFB or Online). The Department is the prefix of the course (BUSN, ITM, HLTH, HRDV, HRMG, MNGT, PADM). Then select your course and section.

Schedule is Subject to Change

Course Section/Campus Description
BUSN 6070  LT/Metro (WebNet+ hosted by Kansas City) Management Accounting 
BUSN 6200  LT/Metro  Strategy and Competition 
HLTH 6000  LT/Metro (WebNet+ hosted by Kansas City)  Integrated Studies in Health Administration
HRMG 5920  LT/Metro  Compensation 
PADM 5840 LR/Base (WebNet+ hosted by Base Campus) Budgetary Theory and Analysis
FINC 5000  LR/Base & LT/Metro (WebNet+ hosted by Base Campus)  Finance 
HLTH 5070  LT Metro (WebNet+ hosted by Kansas City)  Financial Analysis in Health Administration
MNGT 5590  LR/Base  Organizational Behavior 
MNGT 5670  LT/Metro  Managerial Leadership 
HRDV 6000 LR/Base (WebNet+ hosted by Columbia Campus) **This class is from 5:00pm CST to 9:00pm CST** Integrated Studies in Human Resources Development
HRMG 6000  LT/Metro  Integrated Studies in Human Resources Management 
MNGT 5650  LT Metro  Management and Strategy
MNGT 6000 LT Metro (WebNet+ hosted by Ft. Bliss) **This class is from 6:00pm CST to 10:00pm CST** Integrated Studies in Management
PADM 6000 LR/Base (WebNet+ hosted by Base Campus) Integrated Studies in Public Administration
BUSN 5000  LT/Metro & LR/Base (WebNet+ hosted by Metro Campus)  Business 
HLTH 5020  LT/Metro (WebNet+ hosted by Metro Campus)  Organizational Planning & Change in Health Administration 
HRDV 5610  LR/Base  Training and Development 
 Schedule is Subject to Change