2014 Graduation Information


TO: 2014 Webster University Graduate Candidates


FROM: Webster University Little Rock Area Staff



Your graduation is quickly approaching and we are working very hard to plan the event for you!!

Here are some important things to remember to help you prepare for the big day:


1.  Location and time of the 2014 Little Rock Area Commencement Ceremony:

Friday, May 16, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.

Robinson Center Exhibition Hall

426 West Markham Street. Little Rock, AR 72201


2. What forms do I need to complete and return to campus?

A petition to graduate form(pdf)

This form must be approved by the academic advisor. We recommend making an appointment to see him before turning in this form.

A commencement ceremony participation form(pdf).

Students having three credit hours remaining are welcomed to participate in the 2014 ceremony but will not have their name printed in the program. Their name are printed in the 2015 commencement ceremony’s program.

Program Evaluation(pdf)

For AFB programs, please return this form to Mark Shannon or Sherry Ostrowski with the petition to graduate and commencement ceremony participation form. For Metro programs, please return form to littlerock@webster.edu. 


3. Where do I Submit the Forms?

To fax forms to AFB: (501) 988-1571. To fax forms to Metro: (501) 375-1623.

To scan forms to the AFB: littlerockafb@webster.edu. To the Metro campus: littlerock@webster.edu

*All forms need to be submitted to the appropriate campus by April 28, 2014* 


4. I want to participate in the St. Louis commencement ceremony.

Please contact the main campus directly to receive more information concerning how to participate in this ceremony. Please remember, the deadline to submit the St. Louis participation form may have passed. For more information about the St. Louis commencement ceremony, please visit the  St. Louis steps to graduate page.


5. Where do I receive my cap and gown and other materials for graduation?          

Please contact Josten's to purchase a cap and gown and Herff Jones for the announcements. 

1. Please select the Little Rock Metro Campus, AR option when purchasing announcements. 

2. Remember to select a master's cap and gown. Additionally, when you customize the cap and gown, the options are listed by majors-not degrees (human resources management, management and leadership,etc). Therefore, select Arts if you are receiving a MA, Business Administration if you are receiving a MBA, and so on. This is very important because the size and color of  your cap and gown depends on the customize options. Please pay very close attention to this. 

3. Ordering deadlines for caps and gowns have been extended and Josten's website indicates it is now April 10.  Webster has no responsibility or input if Josten's or Herff Jones extends or changes the ordering deadline or if there are additionally fees associated with this. We strongly recommend ordering as soon as possible.

*A cap and gown is required to participate in the Little Rock Area Commencement Ceremony.*  


6. A graduation information session                    

A graduation information session is being held on the Metro Campus on Friday, May 2, 2014 at 5:30 p.m.  Little Rock Air Force Base Campus is holding sessions April 28- May 2,2014 any time between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m.  The same information is provided at both session and all graduates are encouraged to attend. To RSVP, please email Sherry Ostrowski or call her at 501-988-5331.  

Information covered at the information session can be found here 


7. Clear Business Office Accounts.

 Students who have completed all of their academic requirements to graduate must clear their Student Business Office account balance prior to diploma and transcript release. For more information, call the  Business Office at 1-800-981-9803. 


8. An official transcript. 

Requests for an official transcript can be made through the main campus.


Keep checking this page for more information on the 2014 Little Rock Area Commencement Ceremony! If you have any questions please feel free to call either campus! AFB: 501-988-5331 or Metro: 501-375-1511.