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Webster University prepares students from all walks of life and nationalities to achieve their chosen academic, professional and personal goals through affordable, high quality education. Our distinguished faculty balance global scholarship with professional experience to bring first-class, real world knowledge to the classroom resulting in state-of-the-art education for our students. According to Arkansas Business's 2011 ranking, Webster has the largest Master of Business Administration program in the state. The campus maintains a chapter of Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society, an honorary society for outstanding business students.

Webster can personalize your education to meet your specific needs and schedule, so that getting your degree while working full-time or actively serving in the military is a smooth, positive experience that advances your career. Webster's agile, adaptable learning environment is designed for the flexibility that military service so often demands. Coursework and locations are designed to accommodate changing deployments and scheduling needs.

Webster University and the U.S. Department of Defense have worked for 40 years to provide high-quality and cost-effective graduate programs at military installations throughout the country. Our distinguished alumni include more than 200 active duty and retired generals and admirals, including several at the Pentagon and Joint Chiefs of Staff and thousands of active or retired military personnel. Our more than 150,000 alumni form an elite global network of accomplished and connected citizens equipped to advance their current careers, start new careers or expand their businesses to new markets.

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