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Luke AFB Civilian Base Pass Request

Due to security policies at Luke Air Force Base all non-military affiliated students enrolled in classes at Luke AFB are required to complete a yearly Long Term Pass Application. In addition each term students register for classes at Luke AFB the student needs to submit a request for a Term Sponsor Letter. (Long Term Pass Application needs to be approved before Sponsor Letters can be submitted).


  1. Complete Long Term Pass Application
    • This is used to conduct a background check (BGC). Please complete print and sign.
    • Follow the instructions attached to the Long Term Pass application (Installation Access Affidavit) for identity proof.
    • .
  2. Send the completed Long Term Pass Application and copied documents to George Maraston at Luke AFB by way of:
  3. Enroll in a current term
    • After completing the previous two steps you will be notified by Webster via the email address you provided Webster University Luke office that you have been approved for base access.
  4. With your Long Term Pass Application (BGC) approved and enrollment in a current term go to the Luke AFB South Gate Visitor Center to obtain your term pass.
    • South Gate Visitor Center Hours (7:30 am-4:15 pm)
    • Location on Litchfield Rd South of Glendale Ave.
    • Driver's license, proof of insurance and car registration are required at this time to receive a term pass.
  5. If you have an approved Long Term Pass Application and are enrolled in a course that meets at Luke AFB please submit a request for a Term Sponsor Letter to George Maraston at  Requests received before 2:00 pm will be processed the close of business the next day and requests received on Fridays will not be processed until Tuesday of the following week.

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