Course Schedule Spring 2, 2019 | Luke AFB | Webster University

Luke AFB: : Spring 2, 2019 Schedule

Term: March 18 - May 17, 2019       

Term :Important Date

Last day to add a course is March 29, 2019 
Last day to drop a course is March 29, 2019               Last day to withdraw is April 26, 2019

Course Section Description Instructor
BUSN 6200 LU Strategy & Competition Prof. Kriley
BUSN 5200 LU Basic Finance For Managers Prof. Shapiro
PADM 5820 LU Planning & Evaluation Prof. LeBlance
HRMG 5920 LU Compensation Prof. Unternaehrer
BUSN 5300 LU Project Procurement Management Prof. Ciarrochi
PADM 6000 LU Integrated Studies In Public Administration Prof. Reams
HRMG 6000 LU Integrated Studies In Human Resources Management  Prof. Bridget
MNGT 6000  LU Integrated Studies In Management and Leadership  Dr. Wayerski