Current Students FAQs

Connections –  

*Student ID# and Code sent via email after your application was accepted. It is needed to register for an account in order to access grades and make payments.
*Grades are posted the following Friday after the term ends, by midnight. Grades are between student and instructor ONLY.
*Office cannot fix your account. Contact the Help Desk 1-866-435-7270 in St. Louis, MO.

Class Time – All classes meet 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM, Sat 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM. Classes must meet for 4 hours unless an unusual circumstance prevails. Director Approval Required.

Attendance – Generally, a student who misses more than two four-hour course periods (per course), without a documented military or medical excuse and advanced permission from the instructor, should withdraw from the class.

Add/Drop DeadlineSecond Friday of the term. After this date, 100% refunds will NOT be issued and only Withdrawals will be permitted. Refer to catalogue.

WithdrawalStudents who stop attending class are NOT automatically withdrawn from Webster. Without a Withdrawal Petition filed in office, you WILL be responsible for tuition & fees, WILL receive an ‘F’ on your transcript and may be dismissed. Refer to catalogue. 

Incompletes – ONLY considered in dire situations with Instructor AND Director Approval. If a student fails to complete the coursework after one year (active duty TA 120 days), the grade will become a ‘ZF’ and student will be dismissed. 

APA ManualRequired writing style for all papers at Webster Luke AFB Campus.

Webster Library (Research Guides)

Canvas All grades, power points, case studies, articles, projects, exams, etc. should be posted by the instructor for student access. Students are responsible to check regularly for progress.   

Plagiarism – Do not risk your educational success by engaging in such behavior. software is available, free of charge, on the Webster Library website.

Academic Jeopardy
*First 12 hours in the program: One C = Probation, Two C’s or One F = Dismissed
*After 12 hours: One C = Warning, One I/F or Two C’s = Probation
                         C & F, Two F’s, or Three C’s = Dismissed
*Sequential: One C = Probation, One F or Two C’s = Dismissed
(Refer to Catalogue for complete details)

Academic Protocol – When academic issues arise, you are to first discuss concerns with the Instructor. If not resolved, contact Adviser; Pamela Unternaehrer. Discussions are kept confidential. Issues will only be addressed at Senior Director Level if unresolved.

Ordering Text Books -- Download the syllabi for your classes, then you can order your textbooks or rent ebooks. Order paper copies from the WU Bookstore or ebooks from MBS Direct. Both are options on the bookstore site. It’s that simple- - no waiting, no long lines, no hassle. We make convenient to fit your lifestyle.

Online Tutoring – Available for onsite extended campus students and FREE!
Contact Dana Jones (St. Louis Campus) for details 314-246-7107
Classes currently available: BUSN 5000, 5200, 5600, 5760, 6070, FINC 5000 and FINC 5880

Official Transcripts for Admission – Due by the end of the first9 week term. If not received, your account will be placed on Academic Hold. Please mail to Main Campus

Webster University
Office of Admissions
470 E. Lockwood Avenue.
St. Louis, MO 63119 

FA Students; transcripts due end of the FIRST WEEK OF THE TERM AT MAIN CAMPUS. Transcripts MUST be mailed to St. Louis with a COPY on file in our office.

Webster University
Office of Admission
470 East Lockwood Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63119

Tuition Payments - Connections Account or Call Business/Bursars Office1-800-981-9803

VA, TA, ER, FA  *FA students are required to register for two terms (Ex: Fall 1 & 2)
                          *Forms are due NOW. Drop off at Office, Email, or Fax to Karla.
                          *One time copy of your VA “Certificate of Eligibility” needs to be on file.
                          *TA and ER forms are to be submitted to office EVERY SINGLE TERM.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility forms are submitted. Webster will hold you responsible for payment IN FULL.

Webster does not issue FA or VA checks. The federal government does. Contact the VA or your FA Guidance Counselor at Main Campus in St. Louis. If you do not know your FA counselor, call; Veteran’s Administration 1-888-442-4551

Webster Luke AFB Campus Website

Webster Online Graduate Catalog – It is the student’s responsible to know policies of the university. 

Student Referral Program

Refer a student to a Webster Graduate or Undergraduate program and receive an Amazon Kindle. Please refer to the website for more information and to apply.

Webster ALERTS
Did you know that Webster has a text/email alert system in place that can notify you of closures and delays due to severe weather? AND keep informed in the event of an emergency on campus/on base. Signing up is easy. 

  1. Simply go to
  2. Create a username and password in the new user signup area
  3. Check the boxes next to the alerts you wish to receive (i.e. “St. Louis Metro weather alerts” to receive notifications of closures or delays due to severe weather)
  4. Enter the phone number and carrier of your cell phone* (Each account can have up to two cell phone numbers and two email address that will receive the notifications.)
  5. Click on “Create Account”


  • Once you sign up you will receive a code which you will need to validate your account. If you do not validate your account (email and/or cell phone) you will not receive the notifications. 

This is a free service, but if you are charged for incoming text messages by your cell phone carrier those fees will still apply for messages sent from Webster Alerts

Ordering Transcripts:   There is a NEW process for ordering transcripts

  1. The new process will be quicker and more convenient for students.
  2. Students will now have to pay a processing fee for transcripts of $2.25

When students click on the Policy and Forms and Transcript Request Form on Webster website you will be directed to the National Clearinghouse site. Here you request transcripts, can select the delivery method and indicate where you want the transcript sent. The options for holding the transcript until degree completion or grades submitted are the same. You will then review a screen with your request and the charge for checkout (screen shot below):

Charge for Checkout

Sharpen Computer Skills

Through a partnership with Atomic Learning, WU provides flexible learning opportunities. From instant answers on “how to” questions to step-by-step, student-focused training workshops, Atomic Learning simplifies campus technology integration, training, and support. Available 24/7 from campus or home, Atomic Learning creates flexible learning opportunities that make it easy for learners of all ages to embrace technology and develop critical skills for success at school, at work and in life. How to Log In:

  1. Log into Connections.
  2. Find the Software Training & Tutorials by Atomic Learning channel on the Student, Staff, or Faculty tab.
  3. Click the Atomic Learning Login button.

Hardware and Phone Discounts for Webster University students

Webster University Students are eligible for discounts on hardware and services through several vendors: Apple, Dell, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.