BA in American Studies

Capitalizing on the strengths of departments throughout Webster's College of Arts & Sciences, American Studies is the ideal degree for working adults seeking their first bachelor's degree or seeking to deepen their knowledge in the liberal arts.

The American Studies program is flexibly designed to ensure non-traditional and evening students have access to an undergraduate degree with a broad, rich foundation in the liberal arts.

The program goes well beyond the traditional American Studies focus of literature and art by giving students a deeper understanding of American culture from the perspectives of history, politics, international relations and sociology.

A Broad Liberal Arts Perspective

The program's home in the department of History, Politics, and International Relations provides you with unique perspectives on American social sciences with courses in areas such as civil liberties, gender and race relations, and foreign policy.

Yet the 42-credit-hour program's interdisciplinary structure lets you shape your degree with a diverse selection of courses outside the department in areas such as music, film, art, philosophy, religious studies, technology and biological science.

This interdisciplinary nature equips American Studies students to follow any of a wide variety of post-graduate paths, including journalism, politics and policy, legal professions, history, biological or medical sciences and the arts.

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