BA in Art History & Criticism

Art history is an empirical and humanistic discipline that investigates art as a document in the broad history of human experience.

Study of the subject entails the evaluation, analysis and interpretation of objects by identifying materials and techniques; the time and place of their creation; the meaning or function of the work of art; and the biography of the artist.

The Art Department is committed to combining theory and experience; thus, students are required to take courses in studio art and encouraged to take additional courses in areas such as history, literature and philosophy. At least two years of a foreign language is strongly recommended.

A comprehensive examination on major monuments of world art is the typical senior project/overview for this major.

Portfolio Review

Entering students seeking a BA in Art with an emphasis in Art History and Criticism must submit either a portfolio of their work or a writing sample.

Appointments for portfolio interviews can be scheduled through the Office of Admission, and writing samples should be submitted with the student's application for admission.

Additional Information