BS in Computer Science

Computer Science at Webster University takes you through the essentials...operating systems, programming, design, security, telecommunications, and a bunch more. Most of this in your first two years. All to prepare you for your next step in selecting what you want to study in detail within the computer science program.

  • Programming
    Maybe you want to be a programmer; maybe not. Either way, it's a pretty good idea to understand the process, how to avoid programming errors and know what software developers must deal with.
  • Operating Systems
    When you understand operating systems, you understand the management of the computer because the operating system controls the systems resources. Now that's power.
  • Telecommunications
    The power of networks. The power of the Internet. A definite need to know.
  • Data Base Administration
    Computers are simply tools to store and manage information. Information is the key. This is where it's at!
  • System Security
    At some point someone you know probably learned the hard way the importance of solid security. Learn how important it is for a business of any size to protect their information.
  • Computer Mathematics & Logic
    Math is essential. Right? So you learn all about math and its application to computers. Good stuff.
  • Systems Analysis & Design
    Learn how to make it better. Better solutions for an organization's operation. Better for you.
  • Decision Support
    Learn how to get the right information to the right people. That's valuable.


Webster University has established strong alliances with many organizations and companies in the computer science industry. As a student, you are encouraged to explore the opportunities available to get hands-on IT experience.

These opportunities will give you a better understanding of the many ways in which your skills can shape your career. Most of the internships are paid, which enables you to be compensated while enhancing your knowledge in a real-world business environment.

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