Criminology and Criminal Justice

Students in the Criminology degree program learn about the American criminal justice system. Working toward a minor or bachelor's degree in Criminology, undergraduates explore issues that are currently of great interest to criminologists from professionals in the field.

At Webster University, the Criminology curriculum combines the fundamentals of criminology and criminal justice into one field of study. The courses focus on training in multiple data-analysis methods commonly used by criminologists and criminal justice professionals. Studying crime and deviance with a particular emphasis on critical-thinking skills, students learn the ways professionals explain, predict and prevent crime and victimization.

Points of Distinction

  • Faculty members are professionals currently working in the field who can bring real-world experience and the latest theories and practice to the classroom.
  • Students can take specialized courses in transnational crime, terrorism, and homeland security at a global university with a truly transnational perspective.
  • Students have an opportunity to supplement coursework for the major in diverse fields such as human rights, sociology, women and gender studies, and cultural anthropology.
  • Numerous opportunities for collaborative research with faculty on ongoing projects.

Academic Programs

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