BA in Games and Game Design

The BA in Games and Game Design at Webster University offers students a unique approach to learning game design and how it integrates within a variety of disciplines.

Students will learn theory and design in both traditional and video games contexts. They will develop and create their own games (both independently and as a part of a team) via a series of workshop classes and electives. Students are encouraged to focus on an area of concentration that aligns with their interests in order to best apply their strengths to the creation of successful games.

Points of Distinction

Successful graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Create games with fundamental and technical proficiency
  • Explain the business of games (what makes games profitable and how they are produced)
  • Demonstrate a competency and learn how this skill fits into the game design ecosystem
  • Identify principles of gamification and how games apply in real-world applications

Additional Information