BA in German

German heritage festivals in the historic German-immigrant neighborhoods of St. Louis. Art, coffee, and kicking back in the cafes of Vienna, Austria. Internships in Germany. An extensive library of German films at Webster's Emerson Library.

Studying German at Webster offers you these approaches and more, all while putting you one step ahead of your peers for your postgraduate career.

No matter what your future goals, mastery of another language will give you an edge, and studying German at Webster ensures you'll enjoy the journey. Our friendly, fluent professors will challenge you, but they'll be there to help you succeed every step of the way.

Thanks to the program's flexibility, many students pair their German major with a major in disciplines such as International Relations, Philosophy, Music, Film, and Education -- limitless fields in which mastery of German gives you special insight.

Immersion Experiences

Webster's international network of campuses means study abroad opportunities abound. Each one immerses you in the culture, providing a priceless boost to your language skills. Popular options for German majors include short-term cultural trips or semester-long study terms at Webster's campuses in Vienna and Geneva.

Meanwhile, weekly roundtables and "language cafes" allow you to practice your conversational German in informal settings with other students and faculty from the campus community. Roundtables are led by visiting teaching assistants -- younger native speakers who give you the latest insights into German-speaking cultures.

About the Department

Webster's Department of International Languages and Cultures encourages creativity and critical thinking while preparing students to be competitive in today's global marketplace.

Personalized instruction from faculty trained in different international languages, cultures, and literatures increases students' awareness of their own values as well as those of others.

For students who pursue degrees in foreign languages and literatures, communication in the target language is the primary goal, but coursework also reflects the importance of culture and literature.

The Department of International Languages and Cultures offers a full range of courses in English as a Second Language, French, German, and Spanish. Other language offerings include Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Polish, Russian, and Thai.

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