German and German Studies

Students interested in German language and culture enjoy opportunities such as engaging in conversation at a cafe in Vienna or perusing a German heritage festival when they choose study German or German Studies at Webster University. 

One step ahead in postgraduate careers, students who choose to minor or major in German or German Studies become successful international business professionals. Courses are taught by passionate instructors, many of whom are native German speakers, in small classroom environments that encourage discussion and use of foreign languages. Students have the opportunity to participate in multiple German-speaking activities on campus and within the community.

As the most spoken language in Europe, German is often used as a lingua franca in parts of Eastern Europe. It is also one of the closest related languages to English and therefore has many words and word origins in common with English, making it easy to learn. Knowing German opens up opportunities in the business world; Germany has the strongest economy in the European Union and one of the strongest in the world. Many important scientific and literary texts are written in German; knowing German gives you access to knowledge you couldn't have had before.

Immersion Experiences

Study Abroad: Popular options for German majors include short-term cultural trips or semester-long study terms at Webster's campuses in Vienna and Geneva.

Intensive weekends: During the school year, the German program offers an intensive weekend course in which students converse on a specific topic entirely in German. These weekends are great ways to meet other German students, practice the language, and earn credit toward your degree.

Distinct culture classes: Webster offers unique cultural courses to compliment our language courses, exploring topics like German fairy tales and literature. Some of these culture courses are taught in English, making them accessible to non-German language students.

German Language Tables: Weekly roundtables and "language cafes" allow students to practice conversational German in informal settings with other students and faculty from the campus community. Roundtables are led by visiting teaching assistants -- younger native speakers who give you the latest insights into German-speaking cultures. All levels of speakers are welcome to come to the Language Tables for a stress-free way to practice speaking.

Academic Program

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