BA in Management: Health Care Administration

With dramatic changes in health care occurring daily, health care administration has become a separate discipline. You'll study the management of health care organizations and take specialized courses in health care administration, budgeting, finance and law.

The bachelor of arts (BA) in Management with an emphasis in health administration degree will cover basic management theory, the functions of management, and internal and external aspects bearing on managerial activities, as well as focuses specifically on health care management.

Studies will cover the various components of the health care delivery system in the United States from a historical perspective and shows how contemporary, social, economic, political, educational, and scientific factors influence its organization, management, and stability.

You will analyze organizational patterns of various types of health care institutions. You will also be introduced to various administrative functions including medical staff organization, departmental functions, policy formation, internal control systems, planning procedures, fiscal and personnel management, public relations, and the various information needs of administration.

Accounting and financial management principles and their application to operational problems in the health care environment will also be covered.

You will also be introduced to the legislation and various legal issues affecting the healthcare industry such as legal obligations of the governing board, administration, and medical staff; consent for treatment; patients' rights; admission and discharge of patients; negligence and malpractice; licensure; liability of hospital and staff; and medical research.

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